Outlander: 10 Jamie & Claire Quotes That Prove They Are Relationship Goals

Outlander is one of the most romantic shows on television. Not only is the backdrop of Scotland in the 18th-century sweepingly romantic, but so is the love story that is featured at the core of the show between Jamie and Claire.

The WWII time-traveling nurse who falls for the 18th-century Highlander Scotsman has a story for the ages. And throughout both the series and the books, the two have poured their hearts out to one another about their love for each other.

We will be going through the two lovers' most romantic quotes of all time about one another. Here are the 10 Jamie And Claire Quotes That Prove They Are Relationship Goals.

10 Jamie: “I Can Bear Pain Myself, But I Couldna Bear Yours. That Would Take More Strength Than I Have.”

If there is one thing everyone should look for in a partner, it's their unflinching support in every circumstance. Particularly when talking about going through something such as childbirth.

Here, Jamie lays it all out on the line while they discuss their future during their trip to Jamie's home -- Lallybroch -- in season 1. Claire believes she cannot provide Jamie with any children. We know now that isn't true, but since that was what she believed, he reassured her it was okay.

But he also thought it might be for the best, since he literally couldn't take seeing her in any pain. That in itself is beyond romantic.

9 Claire: “He Had Called Me That From The First; The Gaelic Word For Outlander, A Stranger. An Englishman. First In Jest, Then In Affection.”

I think we all are well aware what pet name Jamie gave Claire from the start of their friendship turned relationship: Sassenach. In actuality, the term is typically used in a negative connotation. It is meant to make someone feel unwelcome, particularly if they are English and in Scotland.

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Jamie always called Claire this from the very beginning, as Claire states here. But it quickly turned into a term of affection that he only used for her and her alone. It is evident from this quote that she very much enjoys being referred to in this way by her Highlander husband.

8 Jamie: “Does It Ever Stop? The Wanting You? Even When I’ve Just Left Ye. I Want You So Much My Chest Feels Tight And My Fingers Ache With Wanting To Touch Ye Again.”

There's no doubt that Jamie and Claire were experiencing strong lust for one another even before they became fully intimate. Whether they wanted to admit or not. But once they crossed that line and were now husband and wife, Jamie shared his feelings on the matter.

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It literally pained him to not be touching her. All he wanted was her and to be with her intimately every chance he got. This is when it was becoming clear that the two shared a one-of-a-kind connection and that their love story was merely beginning. They were destined to be together, that much is obvious.

7 Claire: “That Amount Of Time Doesn’t Exist.”

One of the most heart-wrenching parts in Claire and Jamie's love story on Outlander was when the two were parted -- for twenty years. During this time, Claire was technically with Frank again and raising her and Jamie's daughter, Brianna, with Frank.

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They ended up arguing one night and Frank asked Claire if she might have forgotten Jamie, "with time?" She replied, "that amount of time doesn't exist" with zero hesitation. As hard as that must have been for Frank to hear, it was the truth. Claire and Jamie are obviously soulmates and there isn't a way for one to forget about the other.

6 Jamie: “Ye Werena The First Lass I Kissed, (…) But I Swear You’ll Be The Last.”

Any fan of the Outlander books will immediately recognize this famous Jamie Fraser quote from the first book. See, while Jamie may have gone into his marriage with Claire as a virgin, while she was not, he did have his fair share of experiences kissing women.

Claire comes to find this out when they first kiss, of course. But Jamie makes sure that Claire knows how deep his feelings for her go, and that he only wants to be with her from this day forward, when he utters this line to her.

It's a sentiment he meant wholeheartedly, to be sure.

5 Claire: “I Longed For Jamie, In A Visceral Way That Had Nothing To Do With Thought Or Reason.”

Much like Jamie felt he could not stand to be even on second away from Claire and her embrace, she, too, felt these strong emotions for Jamie. That is made perfectly clear with this swoon-worthy quote.

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Most times, with love, there is not a lot of logic when it comes to how someone feels about another person. Especially when they have as deep of a connection as Jamie and Claire have with each other.

So it makes sense that Claire would have these incredibly strong feelings for Jamie, even if she couldn't explain them fully herself.

4 Jamie: “When The Day Shall Come That We Do Part, If My Last Words Are Not ‘I Love You’ — Ye’ll Ken It Was Because I Didna Have Time.”

Outlander Claire and Jamie Time Travel

This quote comes from Jamie in The Fiery Cross. It is one of the most romantic lines we've heard from him, and definitely makes us emotional just thinking about the day he'd have to part from Claire -- forever.

Everyone wants a love like Jamie and Claire's. A love that is so pure and warm and unconditional. And that is exactly what this quote encompasses.

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Jamie would be most concerned with Claire knowing how much he loved her rather than meeting his fate, and if that isn't the most romantic thing you've ever heard, I don't know what is.

3 Claire: “To Be With Jamie Was Bliss, Adventure, And Absorption.”

For anyone who has been in love, they probably know exactly what Claire is talking about in this quote about Jamie. Being with the one you love makes you feel as if you're alive for the first time.

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Yes, it makes you feel blissful, and with a man like Jamie, clearly there is a lot of adventure involved in that life. But absorption, that is the feeling of love that is nearly indescribable.

Claire feels as though they not only complete one another, but like Jamie is the one for her. In every way imaginable.

2 Jamie: “Your Face Is My Heart, Sassenach And The Love Of You Is My Soul.”

If only all men had a way with words the way Jamie Fraser does. It's lines like these that make us realize how easy it must have been for Claire to fall in love with him, regardless of her first husband, Frank.

Jamie looks at Claire's face and immediately feels his love for her in his heart. And the love she has for him gives him life and lives on in his soul.

That is the purest form of romanticism and would make any woman swoon. Claire is very lucky to have found a man as great as Jamie.

1 Claire: “Jamie— I Won’t…I Can’t…I Bloody Won’t Live Without You, And That’s All!”

Outlander Scottish Slang Jamie and Claire

Claire and Jamie were brave to live apart from one another for two decades, especially since they thought they never would see each other again. But the thought of Jamie and Claire actually having to live without the other is too much for even us fans to bear.

Which is why we completely understand where Claire is coming from in this passionate quote. She refuses to live a life that doesn't have her husband in it and we can't exactly blame her for that.

To actually hear Claire refusing to live without Jamie and making that her final statement shows how deep her love for him goes.

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