Outlander: 10 Jamie And Claire Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words

Let's be real for a second: when you think about Outlander, a bunch of things comes to your mind. Passionate love-making, bucket loads of drama, a sprinkle of science fiction, some more drama, way too much blood, and, of course, a hundred extra pounds of drama. Okay yes, we've made it pretty clear that the show is as far from comedy as a show can possibly be, and that's absolutely fine. Because fans have no problem whatsoever coming up with the comedy themselves.

More often than not, memes that are related to a movie or TV show arise as a coping mechanism for fans. And boy, has Outlander given us more than enough trauma to deal with over the course of its run! Plus, who says you can't find a little comedy even in the darkest of things? This show is a perfect sample of this fact, and audiences have jumped in the bandwagon of meme-creation because, well, it's 2019. What else are they going to do? And because Jamie and Claire are everyone's favorite star-crossed lovers, they're the preferred target for this contemporary art form. Let's jump on 10 of the most hilarious Jamie and Claire memes!

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10 Welcome To Fraser's Ridge, Y'all!

This one is relatively new, but it definitely hits the nail on the head. While fans are patiently awaiting the arrival of the fifth season of Outlander, they found some solace in creating memes about the couple who, by the time the third episode of the fourth season premiered, were more in love than ever (their foreheads touched a lot, and we all know that's a supreme indication of love, okay?).

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Jamie and Claire left River Run, and off they went to search for the land that would be their new home. Things got a little weird, with Claire having visions of a Native American leader. They find this beautiful place with breathtaking views that they decide ticks all the boxes, so that's that! What about the Native Americans? Doesn't really matter, there are wild strawberries!

9 Fine, You Can Stay

You know those couples that are always quarreling about silly things, and clashing over what brand of ketchup to buy? But deep down you know they only do it for the kicks of pissing each other off a little bit? And there's nothing besides unicorns, rainbows, and butterflies when they look at each other? Those couples are the best. Just look at Claire and Jamie (minus the ketchup brand thing, of course).

Picturing a very tired Jamie coming to bed and barely making sense of what he says, praising Claire while she seems somewhat annoyed is adorable. It's even more adorable when said Jamie finally catches the much-needed zzzzzs and Claire has that goofy, "I absolutely love this dork" smile. And it's also hilarious because Jamie's face is hilarious. Double points!

8 The Hot Tub Blues

How fun is it to take characters that are obviously set in completely different time periods and try to imagine how they'd act if they were in the 21st century? Raise your hand if you aren't guilty of trying to come up with the conversations Tyrion Lannister would have with Cersei, or the emojis Lagertha would send Ragnar when they were still married.

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Well, of course, Outlander fans would do exactly this, and come up with conversations between Jamie and Claire. This one is particularly funny. Just because Jamie has a phone now, doesn't mean he's about to change who he is! It's okay though, with all that charm he won't end up in jail for sure. Plus, bonus points for imagining Jamie and Claire in a hot tub. Watch all the fans go into a complete, full-blown meltdown.

7 What Am I Doing With My Life?

Listen, Jamie is fantastic. He really is, just ask any man and woman who've bothered to watch at least an episode of the show. It's not just that he's tall, strong and handsome. The dude also has a heart of gold, he loves deeply, he feels strongly, and there are not many characters out there who can claim to have the same courage that Jamie displays on a constant.

But he's also extremely impulsive. It's not like we can blame him, he's a Scottish warrior born in the 18th century, and everybody knows people were ruled by testosterone and bloodlust back then. More than they are now, at least! It's no wonder Claire finds herself just a tad bit frustrated sometimes, but hey — at least we get some great memes out of it.

6 #NotAllHighlanders

Rule number one in the Outlander world: you do not talk about Outlander. No, just kidding! Everybody knows that rule number one is don't mess with Claire Fraser, because this lady will serve your backside to you on a silver platter. Especially if she's had a rough day... especially if you get on her nerves... and especially if you just so happen to be her husband.

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It's a natural thing that tends to happen when two people are married to each other, you just earn the right to be annoyed by them more easily than you are by other people. The love is there, and so is the passion (we're still trying to find steamier lovemaking scenes than the ones in Outlander). So it's A-okay if Claire kills you with her eyes alone when you hit her with #NotAllHighlanders.

5 Such Shame, Much Pitty

You know what, Jamie and Claire have been touched by an angel. Blessed by the old gods and the new. Do you have any idea how disastrous most arranged marriages were? Seriously, picture living sometime between the 12th and 19th century, and having the person you'll share the rest of your life with be chosen by someone else. No, you have absolutely no saying in the matter. Sounds pretty miserable, right?

Well, this was not a problem for these two love birds, who just so happened to fall madly and deeply in love with each other. Judging from Jamie's eyes, the man knows he won the arranged-marriage lottery and everyone who has at least one functioning eye could tell that chemistry like that can't be bought. Even though there were still dowrys at the time. But you get the gist.

4 Oh Boy, Stay Cool Jamie

There was not a closed mouth in this world when Jamie announced his virginity to the world. Ask any historian out there — it was incredibly common for men to have sexual relationships with women before they were wed, and even more common for them to have affairs after the fact. If you were a woman, things were a little more complicated, but let's not get into that.

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Jamie's innocence sparked an enormous amount of funny reactions and made for some pretty hilarious memes. The man was already head over heels in love with Claire before they were married, and speculating what his thoughts were when she got a little closer or offered some kind gesture is always a fun exercise. Case in point, this particular meme. No need to blush, James!

3 OkCupid What?

Jamie, you're good looks and perfect cheekbones can't always get you out of trouble! But there's no shame in trying, right? There isn't any other relationship out there in the history of books, movies, and television that quite matches the one of Claire and the Scottish man. she's a time traveler from the '40s, after all. Can you imagine what that must feel like?

But let's go even further — imagine if she actually came from the 21st century. You know, the same one that has memes, and Tinder, and OkCupid. If we were Jamie, we'd also be a little taken aback by the whole thing. But it's pretty safe to assume Claire doesn't need a dating app, considering she already hit the husband jackpot. Even if it's an 18th century themed jackpot!

2 Why God, WHY?!

We know these were getting pretty close before they were wed, and Jamie was already a Jonas Brothers-level sucker for Claire. She was still getting there, and an arranged marriage is still an arranged marriage. Even though everything turned out for the best, we still feel for her and for all the women in the past who were forced into marriages with people they didn't like or even knew.

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But we also feel for poor Jamie, who was already so in love with her that a rejection would send him over the edge. Yes, we see you're trying to keep it together, but deep inside, you're falling apart. Good news, though! You two get married, make beautiful time-traveling babies, and have some steamy scenes in the middle of the forest. No need to panic!

1 You're A What Now

Let's go back to Jamie's virginity because, well... we have to. It's still a huge shock, even though it's been four seasons. Can you imagine being a woman from the '40s, who is set to marry a gorgeous man from the 18th century, and he turns out to be a virgin? Claire's brain probably went into overdrive, thinking about a lifetime of less than desirable bedroom moments.

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We can't blame you, Claire, all of us had a sip of something slightly alcoholic when we heard the news. Apparently, though, Jamie was born with a gift. If there's something Outlander is known for, it's for not shying away from the sexual aspect of the main couple's relationship. And for good enough reason, so cheers to that!

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