Outlander: 5 Reasons Why Jamie Should Be With Claire (& 5 Why He Should Be With Lord John Grey)

Outlander's main iconic couple is Jamie and Claire but with John Grey confessing his feelings for Jamie, there's actually a new contender.

Outlander has been on the air and is still going strong. The drama follows the story of Claire Randall, a former WWII nurse, who is mysteriously transported back two hundred years into the past to the Scottish Highlands. There, she falls in love with the red-headed Jamie Fraser, despite already being married to someone else. As fans can imagine, Claire and Jamie embark on a heart-wrenching love story full of joy, heartache, and loss.

Although Claire and Jamie have always been the main couple in Outlander, we’ve come across many different characters- including potential love interests for Claire and Jamie. From Frank to Laoghaire, there have been plenty of characters who’ve almost come in the way of their love. One of the more recent additions to the show is Lord John Grey. He originally stumbled across Claire and Jamie as a teenager, and it later reunited with Jamie when he’s a prison warden and Jamie is a prisoner. During this time, John confesses his feelings for him and also implies that he’s interested in Jamie that way. Though Jamie is quick to turn down his advances, the two soon develop a close friendship, which has left many fans wanting more between the two characters.

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Although we think it’s unlikely John and Jamie will ever be a thing, it’s still fun to ship them. Plus, there are tons of reasons why the two would be a good match. Keep reading to see five reasons while Jamie should remain with Claire as well as five reasons why he and John would be a cute couple.

10 Claire: They Fell In Love The Moment They Met

The chemistry between Jamie and Claire was undeniable from the beginning. Even she could feel it, despite being married to someone else. That’s why many fans say these characters fell for each other the moment they met. Need more evidence? Jamie barely gave it any thought when it was asked to marry Claire in order to save her from the Red Coats.

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Their wedding night was passionate AF, and ever since they tied the knot, the two have been inseparable. Even when they were separated by time, it was clear their hearts only ever belonged to each other.

9 John: He’s Taking Care Of His Son

8 Claire: She Went To The Past To Find Him

7 John: He Came To The Americas For Jamie

Even though John hasn’t travelled through time for Jamie, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t travelled far. We can only imagine the surprise for Claire and Jamie when John unexpectedly stumbles upon their door after they’ve made the voyage to the Americas. They soon learn that John’s wife had passed away, and though he says he came to the States for business reasons, it’s implied that he wanted a face-to-face reunion with Jamie. Even more, John brought Jamie’s biological son, William, with him so the duo could have a reunion as well. You don’t travel all that way for someone if you don’t have strong feelings.

6 Claire: She’s Always Saving His Life

Outlander Scottish Slang Jamie and Claire

There have been tons of time Claire has risked her life to save Jamie. She killed a man for the first time when two Red Coats were holding her and Jamie hostage. Then, she went on the road with Murtaugh to find Jamie when he was an outlaw.

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Perhaps the most dangerous and risky thing she did was when she found tried to free Jami from Captain Jack Randall (even though things didn’t go according to plan). Claire is constantly putting her own life in harm’s way in order to protect her partner, which is a sign of how much she loves him.

5 John: He’s Saved His Life Countless Times, Too

John has proven his love for Jamie all of the times he saved his life. At the beginning of season three, Lord Melton spares Jamie’s life because John Grey is his younger brother and he remembers that Jamie had originally saved him. Melton then sends him off in a wagon to Lallybroch. John later spares Jamie’s life when he’s a warden at the prison, despite Jamie begging him to finish him off. He later also makes sure Jamie isn’t sent to the colonies in the Americas but rather sets him up with a job at the Dunsany estate. Ever since they first met, John has been looking out for Jamie. At first, it may have been out of debt, but now it’s clear that it’s because John’s feelings for him run deep.

4 Claire: Their Chemistry Is Undeniable

One thing that Claire and Jamie have that he’ll likely never have with John is their chemistry. The two have been into each other since the beginning. On their wedding night- despite it being Jamie’s first time and Claire still have feelings for Frank- the two had one of their most passionate scenes together. They’ve never disappointed in the bedroom, even after being apart for two decades. The couple was able to pick up where things left off and even they’ve acknowledged that it’s difficult to find someone who you connect with in such a steamy way.

3 John: They’re Open With Each Other About Everything

Even though Jamie is able to tell a lot of things to his wife Claire, there have been some conversations he’s had with John that prove how close they are. Perhaps the best example is when John made it clear he’s into men- and into Jamie, as a matter of fact. Given this was the 1700s, being gay was practically unheard of and definitely not tolerated. But the two friends’ bond grows stronger when Jamie accepts John’s preferences with no problem, even though he turned down his advances. Jamie was quick to open up to John about the pain of losing Claire and their child, and later about how difficult it was to leave his son behind (something he’s barely talked to Claire about).

2 Claire: He Never Got Over Her

One of the main reasons Jamie should be with Claire is because of how he feels for her. Just think about how he never really got over her once she went back through the stones. He waited years before ever being with someone else, and when he finally did, it’s not like it was anywhere near the same. Sure, he may have married Laoghaire in an act of weakness, but he had no problem admitting to Claire he never loved her. And he also had no problem calling up a divorce lawyer to legally end things with her when Claire came back into his life.

1 John: The Show Needs More LGBTQ Characters

Given that Outlander has always focused on the romance between Claire and Jamie, the chances he’ll ever become involved with John seem slim to none. But one of the main reasons fans are still holding out hope for this unlikely pair is because they’d love to see an LGBTQ romance on the show. John is the only gay character on the show, and though he can’t go public about his preferences given the century, it’d still be nice to see him find someone to share a storyline with. And no, we don’t count his brief marriage to Isobel as a real romantic arc, no matter how sweet of a character she was.

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