Outlander: 10 Hilarious Jamie Memes That Are Too Funny

Look, we know. It feels like this awful "droughtlander" has been going on for ages, and our hopes for a brighter future in the world of Jamie and Claire Fraser seem far away. February can't come soon enough, and fans of the beloved drama Outlander are starting to get impatient. And we're right there with you! So today we're bringing you a little something extra to ease the pain.

You've probably rewatched the first four seasons ten times over, and you've probably read the books more times than you can't count. So, how about you take a minute for a little laugh, Scottish style?

In order to soothe the pain and bring a smile to your face, we've compiled a list of the 10 most hilarious Jamie Fraser memes swimming around the Internet. We don't have the recipe for time-traveling yet, but we do have some laugh-out-loud material. Check out all of it below!

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10 Did Ya Put A Ring On It?

We have to get real here. As much as we love the complex storylines and the intense political intrigue that shapes the Outlander plot, we're all suckers for the hunk that is Jamie Fraser. Watch the man talk for ten minutes and we guarantee that you will instantly fall in love.

It's no wonder that husbands all around the world started feeling a little jealous. But it's okay; he's just a fictional character, folks! You might want to start taking some notes on how to treat your lady, though. If you don't, next thing you know, your wife will be packing her bags and moving to the Scottish Highlands. You heard it here first!

9 Hey, Bartender!

What's great about the Scottish Highlands, you might ask? Well, let's see—you have the stunning scenery, the great food, the kind of fashion you won't see anywhere else in the world... and, of course, rocks. Tons of rocks. Some of them even allow you to travel through time and meet the love of your life!

Okay, we're getting a little sidetracked here. But still, we can't help but wonder just how interesting life would be if the next time we asked the bartender for a scotch on the rocks, a wild Jamie Fraser leaning over a bunch of stones were to appear. Certainly interesting, but probably not too realistic.

8 Naughty Jamie!

Picture this: you go on a second honeymoon with your husband to an unknown land, and, one morning, you decide to go for a walk. Next thing you know, you touched some rubble and ended up traveling two centuries back in time. And the best part? You meet a tall, red-haired stranger who will become your husband.

Now, imagine having to explain your 18th-century husband all of this. Yes, we know the lad believed Claire when she told him, but, for the sake of comedy and because we can, we choose to believe that his first reaction was the one portrayed on this meme... and then they made passionate love to each other.

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7 Say 'Mark Me' One More Time...

You know, Outlander has had some pretty interesting and complex characters over the run of four seasons. Black Jack Randall, the King of France, Dougal, Geillis, just to name a few. They all contributed to the story, and love them or hate them, they were fantastic characters that propelled the narrative forward.

Then we had Bonnie Prince Charlie. Good lord, the man was a fool, and every time he opened his mouth, our eyes rolled to the back of our heads. When he said 'mark me,' well, suffice it to say that Jamie is all of us in this meme.

6 Everybody In The Highlands Put Your Hands Up!

What's better than Jamie Fraser's face? Jamie Fraser's body, of course. No wonder Claire couldn't keep her mittens to herself every time they were within two feet of each other. Everybody deserves some eye candy and Mr. Fraser is the entire store.

We're not sure who is the mastermind behind this meme, but their hearts and minds are in the right place. Granted, it's supposed to be a tame enough show, so viewers were never given the peek they hoped they would. Next time this happens, let's petition the show writers to actually say that, yeah?

5 Pretty Cool, Thanks

We have to give it to Jamie and Claire. These two went through thick and thin together. Meeting the love of your life, having a child on the way, and then all of a sudden you have to be apart for two decades? That sounds heartbreaking and worthy of a Shakespearian drama.

On the other side of the spectrum, how many people are blessed enough to have a love like this? Even after twenty years apart, they found their way back to each other and kept on living a beautiful life together. That's a win in our book!

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4 Can We Get A Doctor Here?

You can tell us the truth, we promise we won't share. How many times have you actually considered saying "screw it," packing your belongings, and finding the closest group of stones in the Scottish Highlands in the hopes of finding Jamie Fraser?

We'll guess that probably a lot, and, even though we can't blame you, we urge you to just touch them gently. Getting a concussion means more time in the hospital, and more time spent away from your potential Scottish lover. Stay safe!

3 Jamie, The Charmer

The best thing about Jamie Fraser is that he inspired a ton of hilarious pick-up lines. A lot of inspiration can be drawn from memes like this because after all, this man is the ultimate lady charmer.

So, folks, if you're feeling lonely, make sure you head to the nearest social media platform, find the Outlander page, and drop this line on the many, many fans of the show and the books you'll find. You might just get yourself a Sassenach!

2 It's Crossover Land

Memes truly are a fantastic art form. Not only can you re-imagine some of the best and worst moments to ever come out of a television show or movie, but you can also do some pretty cool crossovers. Case in point? Outlander meets The Princess Bride, one of the greatest movies of all time.

Jamie Fraser is not Inigo Montoya, but, if you so much as look at his wife the wrong way, he will end you. He will chase you to the ends of the Earth and make you regret being born. Too far?

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1 We Volunteer!

There was a time when Ryan Reynolds was the owner of this meme, and the only man we could imagine getting away with such a cheesy pick-up line. But then, Outlander made its way into our television screens and hearts, and an arguably better version of the husband material meme was born.

Jamie, we all know you're married to the love of your life, but, if she ever makes he way through the stones again, there are plenty of volunteers out there ready to test your theory. Just sayin'.

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