Outlander: The 10 Most Heartbreaking Deaths, Ranked

Outlander has brought us everything from epic battles to man-on-man duels, which means there’s been a lot of bloodshed and loss during its four seasons. While many of our favorite characters are set to return come season five, there have been some we’ve lost along the way—and some deaths are more heartbreaking than others.

This list ranks ten of the top deaths in the show, from least surprising to most heart-wrenching. While some of these we expected and even hoped for, others took us by surprise and still have us reeling. And, in some cases, we’re hoping the show writers find a way to bring our beloved characters back, even if it seems highly unlikely.

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If one thing is for sure, it’s that Outlander definitely doesn’t spare the drama. The show writers aren’t afraid to put in tons of twists and turns to keep viewers glued to their TV screens, even if it means sacrificing a character we’ve come to love. Even if it’s a villain in question, it’s still difficult watching them being axed from the show. Make sure to let us know in the comments which Outlander death you think was the most shocking or epic.

10 Le Comte St. Germain

Le Comte St. Germain was supposed to be the big bad who replaced season one villain Black Jack Randall. Despite St. Germain’s powers (and taste for vengeance) being teased for the entirety of season two, the French Lord came to a disappointing end when King Louis made Claire use her ‘magical’ powers to determine who was guilty of witchcraft: St. Germain or Master Raymond.

Although the scene was nail-biting, in the end we were expecting more from such a feared character, especially since he’d vowed to kill Claire.

9 Horrocks

Horrocks’ death was so anti-climactic that we bet most fans don’t even remember the details surrounding his final scene. Horrocks was a British traitor who turned up at Lallybroch in order to blackmail Jamie. While Jamie is in the middle of issuing a payment, Horrocks implies that he still wants more, which subsequently makes Ian (Jamie’s brother-in-law) appear from the bushes and off him.

No one really liked Horrocks’ character, so it wasn’t a particularly sad scene. What was more powerful and heartbreaking was seeing Ian struggle with the aftermath of realizing he’d taken someone’s life.

8 Arthur Duncan

Geillis always seemed a bit shifty from the beginning, but no one expected her to go all Black Widow and off her husband. But when she and Dougal decided they wanted to be together after a year-long affair, they believed the only way they could do it was to get rid of their spouses.

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While Colum’s wife died off-camera, Geillis slipped her husband, Arthur Duncan, poison in the middle of a clan dinner, making it a very public scene. However, in the end, Colum realized what his brother and mistress had done, so he forbade them from getting together. Shortly after, Geillis was arrested for witchcraft.

7 Angus

Fans thought their beloved characters were in the clear following the Battle of Prestonpans. Claire was mending to the injured soldiers’ wounds, while Angus was characteristically making crude jokes while sitting beside Rupert’s bedside, as he recovered from the chaos.

However, out of the blue, Angus collapses despite seeming happy and healthy.  It turns out he’d been suffering from internal bleeding, and even if Claire had known in advance, she said there was nothing she could’ve done for him. Angus deserved a much better ending than this, don’t you think?

6 Frank Randall

While some fans may think Frank’s death deserves to be ranked higher, hear us out. Given all of the drama and chaos that’s gone on in the show, it seemed anti-climactic that Frank met his end as the result of a car accident. It didn’t help that they didn’t show the incident on-camera or that Frank had just told Claire he wanted a divorce so he could be with his mistress.

In the end, fans were happier that this meant Claire was free to pursue Jamie once again rather than sad that a leading star had been axed. This tells us that Frank’s exit deserved a bit more time and attention.

5 Alex Randall

Alex Randall unexpectedly became a beloved character thanks to his romantic storyline with Mary Hawkins.  Despite being sick with consumption, the two fell in love and married quickly, though their happiness was short-lived.

When Alex was on his deathbed, he asked his older brother, Jack Randall, to marry his wife as she was pregnant. Though Jack was reluctant, he eventually agreed to marry and take care of his sister-in-law. It was during this scene Claire realized her modern-day husband Frank was a descendant of Mary and Alex’s child, not of Jack’s like she had feared.

4 The Duke Of Sandringham

The reason this death scores so high on this list was because it was sooo satisfying to watch and heart-wrenching in that sense. Many characters long had it out for the Duke, especially Claire and Jamie, given all they’d gone through at the hands of the so-called Jacobite. Murtagh finally got the ultimate revenge on the Duke after learning he was responsible for ordering the attack against Mary Hawkins and Claire.

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Not only did Murtagh put an end to the Duke, but he literally beheaded him and then laid the head at Claire’s feet, making it clear that the Duke could never bother their family again.

3 Dougal

Fans never thought they’d see the end of Dougal, but when it did eventually happen, things went down in the most epic way possible. Dougal overheard Jamie and Claire’s plans to assassinate Prince Charles in order to stop the Battle of Culloden from happening, which leads him to try and kill them for treason.

Jamie and Claire enter into a hands-on fight with Dougal, but in the end are able to overpower him and fatally stab him. The fact that it was Jamie and Claire who brought Dougal his end after he arranged their marriage (and the fact that Jamie was his nephew) made the scene all the more powerful heart-pounding.

2 Faith

Faith is one character who may have never had a line, but she had a powerful impact on the storyline for seasons to come. In one of the most heartbreaking episodes of the entire series, Claire went into labor early after seeing Jamie dueling with his nemesis Black Jack Randall.

While Jamie was shipped off to jail, Claire delivered their little girl stillborn. We’re not sure what was more heart wrenching: watching Claire almost succumb to the delivery complications or seeing her cradle the dead baby in her arms for hours.

1 Jamie & Claire

Okay, although we haven’t seen Claire and Jamie die on camera yet, it has already been predicted. And considering these two are the real reason we watch the show, just thinking about their end is heartbreaking. Roger finds evidence that suggests the couple died in a fire only years after Claire goes back to the past to be with Jamie.

This leads their daughter Brianna to travel through the stones to try and warn them, but it’s unclear if Bri will be able to stop fate or not. Considering Claire and Jamie couldn’t stop the Battle of Culloden from happening, despite all of their efforts, perhaps it's proof that fate is inevitable.

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