Outlander: The 5 Best Episodes (& 5 Worst)

Outlander's story of a WWII nurse traveling back in time has had its ups and downs, and here are our picks for the best and worst episodes.

With any hit television series, there are bound to be episodes that you count as your all-time favorites, while others leave a lot to be desired. And yes, that is even the case for a show as popular as Outlander. The cultural phenomenon has had plenty of hits throughout its series, but that doesn't mean there haven't been some misses, too.

We are here to break down the best episodes of the show so you can go back and rewatch them, and then we'll tell you which ones to skip with the worst episodes of the series, as well. For all you Outlander fans, here are The 5 Best Episodes (& 5 Worst).

10 Worst: ‘The Fox’s Lair’

In this episode, we see Jamie and Claire return to their home in Lallybroch and are finally away from the horrors they endured in Paris. When a letter arrives stating Jamie must go visit his grandfather, Lord Lovat, Simon Fraser a.k.a. The Old Fox, Claire must accompany him on this trip. The meeting with his grandfather, of course, doesn't go as planned.

'The Fox's Lair' in season 2 of Outlander was by far one of the dullest episodes of the entire series. The slow-moving pace of the entire storyline made audiences feel as though it was a filler episode more than anything. Plus, seeing Laoghaire again was something we all could have done without.

9 Best: ‘Faith’

The performances of both Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe in 'Faith' are what makes this one of the best of the series. Obviously, this episode was incredibly devastating since Claire and Jamie's child -- Faith -- is stillborn and they must deal with the aftermath of it all. But the raw emotion emanating from both of them was felt deeply by audiences and was truly Emmy-worthy on both of their parts.

Not to mention, watching Claire judge Master Raymond and the Comte St. Germain at King Louis' behest left us all on the edge of our seats and was an incredible end for the villainous Comte.

8 Worst: ‘Crème de Menthe’

In season 3, shortly after Jamie and Claire have reunited after 20 years apart, Claire is attacked by a man at the brothel she and Jamie are staying at. She defends herself and after the man suffers a head injury, she does something that made literally no sense: she tries to save her attacker.

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Not only is this so far and away from what she should do for herself, but this could also potentially put her and Jamie's lives at risk in doing so. The episode was not the most exciting, in general, so her poor decision-making skills with this situation only made it that much worse.

7 Best: ‘The Garrison Commander’

Early on in season 1, we began to slowly learn just how vile and evil a man Black Jack Randall truly was. But the clarity of his disturbing ways was fully seen in 'The Garrison Commander'. Claire and Dougal are being questioned by the British occupiers at the local garrison, and, of course, Randall ends up being there as well.

When he questions Claire alone, she lets her guard down and thinks she is getting through to him, when we see him show his true evil colors and hurts Claire in the interrogation. The sadistic nature that is shown by actor Tobias Menzies in this role was astonishing in this episode.

6 Worst: ‘Useful Occupations And Deceptions’

The third episode of season 2 was another example of what a filler episode on Outlander feels like. While in Paris, Claire decides to find an outlet for her healing skills at L’Hôpital des Anges, treating the ill there. During all of this, Jamie is still attempting to derail the Jacobite Rebellion with the help of a pickpocket, who we will come to know as Fergus.

While it was wonderful to meet the great character that is Fergus and who will become a major player in the series, overall the episode was pretty dull and could have used more drama.

5 Best: ‘Prestonpans’

Seeing the Battle of Prestonpans play out on our television screens was one of the most heart-pounding and incredible Outlander experiences to date. An actual historical battle received the Outlander treatment here and they did a fantastic job in depicting the Jacobites' win over the British.

To get the upper hand, they had to bypass a swamp to get their win over the British, which we all know, they did so seamlessly. Meanwhile, Claire is using her skills as a combat nurse from WWII to tend to the wounded warriors. It was an exciting sequence that also had its emotional moments. It was everything we had come to love about the show in one episode.

4 Worst: ‘The Search’

Towards the end of season 1, Jamie gets captured by Redcoat soldiers which sends Claire and Jamie's sister, Jenny, looking for him. Once they get a lead, Claire and Murtagh set out to find him and save his life before it’s too late.

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They end up using "unorthodox tactics" to do this that end up being quite boring at times. Claire tries to get Jamie's attention in neighboring towns in hopes it will lure him out if he's in hiding. While it was wonderful to see her relationship with Murtagh grow over the course of this mission, it was overall an episode that left us needing more.

3 Best: ‘Freedom & Whisky’

In this stellar episode of season 3, Brianna -- Jamie and Claire's daughter -- is coming to terms with the fact she has an 18th-century Highlander Scot as her biological father.

Roger Wakefield then brings news that will change everything -- Jamie is alive after the Battle of Culloden back in the 18th-century. This emotional and exciting episode let us get to know their daughter, Brianna, even better and showed us the depth of the emotions behind the crucial decision Claire must make if she wants to find Jamie in his own time while, in turn, leaving her daughter behind.

2 Worst: ‘To Ransom A Man’s Soul’

This is one of the worst episodes of the series, not because the acting wasn't extraordinary, particularly in Sam Heughan's performance as Jamie. But because seeing the actions of Black Jack Randall that brought severe trauma on Jamie was heartbreaking and truthfully, hard to even watch.

The scenes depicting the violence against Jamie were so graphic, that we felt we could have had more subtlety in what was shown throughout the flashbacks rather than what ended up being in the episode instead. This was a prime example of less is more, and the writers of the show just didn't get that memo apparently.

1 Best: ‘The Wedding’

Ah, the episode that started it all. And by that, we mean the episode that started the epic romantic tale between Jamie and Claire. Here, we saw them marry out of necessity to save Claire's life, and, in turn, come to the realization that there is a true connection between the two of them. Not to mention, their chemistry was sizzling.

Fans of the books were eagerly anticipating this episode before its release, and for those who were unprepared for it, they certainly got a wonderful surprise when seeing the attraction between Jamie and Claire finally boil over. Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe flawlessly executed the intimacy between the two and we are certainly grateful for that.

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