Outlander: 10 Hidden Facts About Claire Only True Fans Noticed

What would Outlander be like without Claire Fraser? The answer is, it simply wouldn't be. After all, it's the time-traveling adventures of our favorite television war nurse that unleash a series of dramatic events that make up the world of Outlander. Without Claire, there would be no epic love story and no drama to speak of. And these are two main reasons we tune in every week to watch the show!

Claire is a compelling, flawed, beautiful character, and that's what makes her so great. Audiences have had enough of protagonists who are perfect and make no mistakes. Claire is one of those rare instances where fans feel like they are following the story of a human being. And the time-traveling element doesn't make her any less believable - just a little more magical. With the fifth season fast approaching, it's more than the time we ask: how well do you know her? Let's explore ten hidden facts about Claire only true fans noticed!

10 She's Ahead Of Her Time

No, this is not an intentional pun. We're not referring to the fact that once she travels to 18th century Scottland, Claire is a woman ahead of her time. Anyone traveling to the past would be ahead of that time, after all! What we're referring to is the fact that when we first meet her in her original time, Claire clearly belongs in the 21st century.

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She's headstrong, isn't afraid to speak her mind, and isn't content simply being a housewife while her husband brings home the bacon. Even when she goes back to Frank, she makes a point to go against convention and enroll in school. This fact alone sets her apart from most of the other women from the 20th century, who were often forced into submission.

9 Her Favorite Exclamation

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Outlander is more drama and romance than anything else. However, it can sometimes be quite funny and educational. For instance, when it comes to language, we've been blessed with the endearing names Jamie uses to refer to Claire. Who can forget the pet name that sparked a thousand memes, Sassenach, or the more complex Mo nighean donn?

But Jamie isn't the only one who gets to have a catchphrase. In fact, Claire has her own favorite exclamation, that she uses frequently in the books. Only very clever fans would be able to remember this one. But truth is, when Claire needs to let out some steam, she makes a point to exclaim "Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ"!

8 Her Feelings For Frank

Whether you're just a fan of the show, or you've been reading the books for years, there can't be two opinions about this matter. Due to their love for Jamie and Claire's relationship, people are quick to dismiss Frank, and see him as nothing more than an obstacle for the fan-favorite couple to be together.

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But Frank was a very big part of Claire's life, both before and after she met Jamie. He even raised a child he knew was not his own and loved her as if they were the same flesh and blood. And before Claire met Jaime, she really did love, Frank. He might not have been her one true love, but he was her first. And as much as some wish it wasn't true, she had feelings for him. Just not as all-consuming and passionate as the ones she had for Jamie.

7 Her Psychometry Abilities

Claire truly is an exceptional person. The fact that she can travel through time alone would be reason enough to say this. However, this is not the only thing that sets apart, and neither are the character traits that make her so compelling, like her willpower, strength, and ability to love so profoundly.

It's been hinted a few times that Claire has the power to achieve healing through the practice of meditation, with thoughts of Jamie. In addition to this, there have also been instances where she displayed psychometric abilities, where she can perceive emotions by being in touch with objects. What can't she do, after all?

6 She's Braver Than Most

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Many brave and exceptional women have been silenced throughout the years. And while there are many problems that still need to be addressed, there's no denying that, in the 20th century, women were still raised to see themselves as fragile little creatures who had nothing to do but wait for a man to come and rescue them. Especially through the means of marriage.

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Claire was never one to be content with this. She has shown us time and time again just how incredibly brave she is. Her courage is always present, whether it is when she kills a wolf or saves Jamie. The pain and horrible ordeals she has suffered have never been able to break her spirit, and she's made incredibly brave decisions throughout her journey.

5 Her Willpower

Have you ever taken a minute to appreciate just how unbelievable Claire's willpower is? As we've mentioned above, this woman has had to make some horrible decision throughout her life, but she goes ahead with them because she knows it is the right thing to do, and that's actually pretty remarkable.

Whether we're talking about leaving the love of her life, having her child be raised by a man she can no longer be with, or later, leave her child to find Jamie again, this willpower has been showcased through and through. Of course, this doesn't always make her out to be a good person in the eyes of some, but there's no denying that it's there.

4 The Initials

One of the perils of adapting books to the screen is that, inevitably, some details will have to be left out. Outlander, of course, is no exception, and throughout the show, fans of the original book series have pointed out several missing scenes. For instance, Jamie's knowledge of what Laoghaire did, Frank's character traits, keeping some characters alive, and so on.

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One of the scenes that the show left out was when Claire and Jaime carved each other's initials on their skins. This was a beautiful demonstration of love and loyalty, and it was quite a blow when it wasn't shown. However, those who paid attention might have realized that there was a brief shot in the series where we can see these initials. Sneaky!

3 Her Selfishness

Outlander Claire and Jamie Time Travel

As we've mentioned before, Claire is far from being perfect. And that's one of the reasons why she makes for such a good protagonist because while overall she is obviously an amazing human being, she also has her fair share of flaws. And one of those flaws is the fact that she can be quite selfish at times.

We can't really blame for this. After all, at its core, human nature is selfish. And when it comes to Claire, the decisions she makes that can be deemed selfish are often driven by her blind love for Jamie. Which is why most fans have difficulty realizing that this is actually one of Claire's traits. When love is concerned, it's always easier to turn a blind eye.

2 The Wedding Ring

When Frank passed away, many fans cheered. What they perceived as one of the biggest obstacles for Claire and Jamie to be together, had finally been written out of the show and the books. However, as we've mentioned above, even though their marriage was empty and broken after she came back from the 18th century, Claire did love and respect Frank.

This was due both to the fact that he was her first love, and that he was a father figure for her daughter Brianna. These feelings led to Claire keeping the wedding ring from her marriage to Frank. Many probably didn't notice this, and those who did weren't exactly happy. But this didn't mean she was in love with him, but rather that she fondly remembered him.

1 Her Relationship With Brianna

It's no secret to anyone that, during her time with Frank after she came back from the 18th century, Claire's relationship with Brianna was never as close as the one Brianna shared with the only father she knew. Not that she didn't love her daughter, but Brianna's resemblance to Jamie was a constant reminder that caused her pain.

This might have gone a little unnoticed by audiences, especially during the latest season where we finally see them interact and being closer than ever. But for a while there, Claire's relationship with Brianna was a little strained. Thankfully, not anymore, and there are many more sweet moments to come.

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