Outlander: 10 Hilarious Claire Memes That Are Too Funny

Do you know who is pretty awesome? Claire Fraser is pretty awesome. She traveled all the way back to a time when ice-cream wasn't even a thing, she was accused of witchcraft and almost burnt at the stake, she was forced to leave the love of her life and raise their child with a man she no longer loved, she miscarried her first baby... honestly, as far as strong, independent, and brave women go, the leading lady of Outlander is a fantastic example.

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Granted, she isn't perfect, but then again, who is? That just makes the character even more compelling to watch. And because we know it's been a while since we were blessed with new episodes, we have something to make the wait for season five a little more bearable. A shot of laughter is just what the doctor ordered, so let's dive into 10 hilarious Claire Fraser memes!

10 I'm Not Here For Your Sexism

In a time when women were far from having the same rights as men, and they were expected to stay home, raise the family, and play the part of an obedient wife, Claire Fraser (then Claire Randall) said 'to hell with your gender roles' and became a war nurse. And a badass one, by the way.

Claire has always been somewhat of an outlier, no matter what century she was in. Even though we didn't get many flashbacks to her time in the war, we're sure she had to deal with a fair share of sexism. But we're also sure she told them to shut up and let her work. You're welcome for being able to walk again, by the way!

9 Is This A Consolation Prize?

The words "dragonfly in amber" will always strike a chord with fans of the show and the books. Aside from the obvious meaning and being the title of the second book in the series, it's also the name of the last episode of the second season. You know, the one where everyone cried like little babies?

In an attempt to make what is an emotional expression a little bit more entertaining, we bring you this meme. You know what Claire, you do have a point. Traveling two centuries back to get a bug in a rock? Shameful.

8 Make Good Choices

Everybody gather around, it's time for a teachable moment. If there are any small children or teenagers in the audience, make way to the front row, because we're about to drop some serious wisdom on you. And it's all about the importance of being yourself. Don't pretend you're someone you're not just to please other people! Got it?

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Well, unless, of course, you can be Claire Fraser. This is the only exception for the rule. But if you can choose to be a courageous time-traveling nurse married to a handsome Scottish man, choose that instead. It's better.

7 Only Pack The Essentials

Everybody knows the struggle of traveling light, correct? Even if you're going out of town for like two days, you're still going to pack ten pairs of underwear because you never know what can happen. Now imagine having to travel back to the 18th century. We're not even know how baggage policy works in the stones.

But one thing's for sure - if we were in Claire's shoes and had to return back to a time when sanitation wasn't exactly on point, we would forego the ten pairs of underwear in the name of toilet paper.

6 Are You Crazy?!

We know it's hard to remember, but there was a time when Claire wasn't exactly a huge fan of Jamie. You know, back when she first found herself in a place and time completely foreign to her, without her husband, and very poorly clothed. Plus, we can only imagine the horrible smell.

It's no wonder she would refuse Jamie's offer at that time, and we really don't blame her for it. But hey, it the tables turned and we found ourselves in Claire's position... you can bet we would think twice about it. Or not think at all, just go full Hunger Games on his Scottish behind.

5 The OG Sassy Lass

We've already mentioned that Claire was always an outlier, both in her original time and in the 18th century. This is because women who had a sharp tongue and volatile temper weren't exactly desirable since they didn't correspond to the ideal portrayal of a woman.

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But guess who does not care at all? Claire! That's who! She is a sassy, headstrong, brave woman who will not bend or break under your disapproving gaze. Guess who also doesn't care, and actually appreciates it? Jamie Fraser, her husband, love of her life, Lord of Lallybroch, and all-around stellar man.

4 Give Us That Gene Pool

There was this incredibly touching moment when Claire and Jamie were leaving for France at the end of the first season, and she announced she was pregnant. That's fantastic since Claire actually believed she was incapable of having children. But you know what's actually ridiculous? How insanely attractive that whole family is.

Claire is played by an actress who was actually a model, and Jamie, well, he is Jamie. It doesn't seem too fair that a single family would be blessed with so much beauty. Spread the genes, people! Spread the genes!

3 A Killer Combination

It's really hard to try and define Claire Fraser in a few short sentences. As we've made clear in the introduction, there's nothing this woman can't do. And if there is, you can bet your entire fortune that she will find a way to become an expert on it. That's just who Claire is.

But if we did have to try, this would probably be our top pick. There's nurse, there's alcohol, there are England and Scottland. It sounds like a pretty neat Tinder bio! Not that she needs it, though. You go, Claire Fraser, you go!

2 The Perks Of Becoming A Scottish Flower

Well, let's be real, it's not like Claire chose to go through the stones the first time around. But as luck and Diana Gabaldon would have it, she did. And she met the love of her life, amongst many other things. Mostly tragedies, but let's focus on the good. For instance, she had a pretty nice collection of period outfits.

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We particularly enjoy the piece reminiscent of timeless brand Burberry. That alone might not be enough of an incentive to stay, but once Jamie Fraser comes into the picture, we're good to go.

1 Are You For Real?

Let us finish off this list with a meme that represents Claire Fraser being literally every single one of us. As in, you know those days when work was just horrible? Or you stayed at home watching the kids and they spilled peanut butter on the carpet and then painted your clothes with bright red markers?

And at the end of the day, your family still has the nerve to demand that you cook dinner? Yes, we've all been there at least once. And every time that situations repeat itself, just give them all this look, leave, and binge-watch Outlander in your bedroom.

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