Outlander: 5 Best (& 5 Worst) Relationships

Fans have been obsessed with Outlander since its television debut in 2014. Of course, the most famous relationships in the show follow the love triangle between Claire, Frank, and Jamie. Even though Claire starts off married to Frank, things get complicated when she travels back in time and finds herself falling for someone else. It’s even more sticky when she goes back to the present and is not only still in love with Jamie, but pregnant with his child. Fans better catch up with the show if they don’t know what happens after that!

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But Claire’s marriages aren’t the only relationships that have had Outlander fans talking. Throughout the show’s four seasons, there have been plenty of good and bad pairings that have added to the endless drama. Some of these relationships rival Claire and Jamie’s deep love- and some fans even prefer other characters’ romance to the love triangle that made the show famous. Other times, however, the relationships have made fans cringe at just how awful some characters that are supposedly in love treat each other. This list features five of the best couples and five of the worst couples from Outlander. We can’t wait to see how these romances play out in the upcoming fifth season!

10 Best: Jamie and Claire Fraser

It’s obvious why Jamie and Claire are one of the best couples of the show. There are countless times the other has gone to extreme lengths or made heart-wrenching sacrifices to put the other first. The whole reason they married was so that Jamie could save Claire’s life. Claire then spent months on the road with Murtagh to find Jamie and then assembled a team to free him from Black Jack Randall.

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Jamie then literally gave himself to Black Jack in order to ensure Claire’s safe release. He also forced her to go back through the stones when he couldn’t keep her and their unborn baby safe during the Battle of Culloden. Finally, Claire left her life in the future to go back to see if Jamie was still alive. Swoon!

9 Best: Ian and Jenny

Perhaps the most underrated couple of Outlander is Ian and Jenny. Jenny is Jamie’s younger sister, while Ian is his best friend. When Jamie became a fugitive and his family presumed him long dead, Jenny and Ian relied on each other for support, which led them to fall in love.

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Throughout the seasons, they’re shown to be an excellent team as they manage the Fraser estate together (even though Ian acknowledges Jenny wears the pants in the household). We love that Ian isn't intimidated by what a strong woman his wife is. By season four, the couple has more kids than even Jamie can keep track of.

8 Best: Alex Randall and Mary Hawkins

We first met Mary when she was a sheepish, young girl staying with her uncle in Paris. Claire befriends her after learning the girl is to be wed to a much older man. However, it doesn’t take long before she falls for Alex Randall- aka. Black Jack Randall’s young brother.

Unlike Jack, Alex is sensitive and sweet, and is shown to genuinely care for Mary’s well-being (just think of how he reacted when she was assaulted). When Alex falls sick with consumption, he convinces his older brother to wed Mary, who’s pregnant with his child. Mary and Alex’s child is a direct ancestor of Claire’s first husband, Frank Randall.

7 Best: Fergus and Marsali Fraser

Granted, it was weird getting used to Fergus being all grown-up when they changed actors come season four. It was even weirder to adjust to the fact that he fell in love with Laoghaire’s daughter, Marsali. While fans were unsure about this pairing at first, the genuine affection the young lovers have for each other has won us over.

Fergus is protective of his missus, but also has no problem letting her in on the action. Now that they’ve started their own family, we can’t wait to see how their little family grows in the coming seasons.

6 Best: Frank and Claire Randall

Although most fans agree that they prefer Claire with Jamie, we can’t deny that she and Frank made a pretty good couple. From the beginning, it was clear how much Frank loved his wife. The two waited five years before being reunited following the World War, yet still seemed as in love as ever.

Claire was extremely conflicted when she went back in time and found herself falling for someone else. When she eventually returned, Frank loved her enough to accept that she’d married someone else and raise her child as her own. Even though it wasn’t a happily ever after for them, they were still one of the best pairings on the show.

5 Worst: Jamie and Laoghaire Fraser

Hands-down the most hated couple on Outlander has got to be Jamie and Laoghaire. Laoghaire had been obsessed with Jamie since they were kids and couldn’t accept the fact that he’d fallen for Claire. She went so far to accuse Claire of being a witch in hopes she'd be burned at the stake.

It seemed extremely out of character when Jamie eventually married single mom Laoghaire, given how long it took him to even look at another woman following Claire. He claims he was only lonely. But while fans could’ve accepted him marrying someone else, no one can understand why it had to be Laoghaire. Did he forget what she tried to do to Claire? It also didn’t paint him in a good light when he had no second thought about leaving her and his step-daughters when Claire came back, as much as fans disliked him and Laoghaire together.

4 Worst: Briana Randall and Roger Wakefield

Although Outlander tried to make fans root for Briana and Roger’s relationship in season four, it just felt a bit forced. It was off-putting how controlling Roger was. He didn’t respect that Bri wanted to take things slowly, despite recently losing her mom and dad. It also didn’t help when he made a big deal about her virginity.

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Perhaps his worst moment was when he stormed off after their first night together when Briana wouldn’t accept his spur-of-the-moment proposal- given everything that was going on, no one could blame her. The fact that he had trouble looking past her assault cements the fact that Roger isn’t the greatest boyfriend ever.

3 Worst: Geillis and Dougal

There are a variety of reasons Geillis and Dougal should not be considered #relationshipgoals. For one, they both got rid of their spouses in order to be together. We get that divorce wasn’t an option in those days, but that doesn’t excuse their horrible behavior.

But it became clear that Dougal never really loved Geillis when he didn’t come to save her when she was on trial for witchcraft, despite being pregnant with his child. Rather, he chose to listen to his older brother Colum and not risk his position as a Lord. Even though Geillis survived the ordeal, it clearly wasn’t because their love overcame it.

2 Worst: Charles Stuart and Louise de La Tour

In season two, Claire befriends a fellow Englishwoman named Louise de La Tour while she’s living in France. Louise is married to an affluent Frenchman, but soon reveals to Claire that she’s pregnant- and it’s not her husband’s baby. Fast forward a couple of episodes, and we learn she’s having an affair with Charles Stuart, aka. the infamous Bonnie Prince.

Given how self-absorbed and narcissistic both characters are, it actually makes sense how they wound up together. And the scene where Claire tells the Prince that Louise is expecting is just as awkward as it is hilarious. But since it was clear these two didn’t care for each other in the way a couple should, that’s why we consider them one of the worst couples of the show.

1 Worst: Laoghaire And Her First Two Husbands

Although Laoghaire’s first two husbands are never shown on camera, we hear a lot about them during the fourth season. Jamie reveals to Claire that Laoghaire’s exes had abused her. So much so, she seemed traumatized whenever Jamie tried to get close to her, which is why he says their marriage fails.

Not only did this, but it’s also implied that her husbands ended up leaving her and their kids without much to her name. In one scene, Laoghaire’s youngest daughter asks Jamie if he’s going to leave, just like her own father had done. Way to tear at our heartstrings!

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