Outlander: 5 Times Jamie And Claire Were The Best Couple (& 5 Times Brianna And Roger Were)

Jamie and Claire and Brianna and Roger both shared amazing romances on Outlander but which couple was the best?

At its core, Outlander is a show about love and family.  Of course, there's the wonderful added bonuses of the gorgeous Scottish landscapes, intense historical politics, and the time-travel/fantasy aspect of the show.

But with the love story between Jamie and Claire at the forefront, and their daughter, Bree's, love with her now-husband Roger, the show is featuring two of the greatest romances we've seen in years on any television series. It's hard to pick a favorite couple but we're more than happy to break down the all-time best moments in Claire and Jamie's relationship, as well as Brianna and Roger’s.

10 Jamie And Claire: Their Wedding Night

Jamie and Claire's agreement to wed was not under the most romantic circumstances. It was more a matter of survival than romance, but in the end, it was the best thing either of them could have done.

On their wedding night, they began to realize how right they were for each other by the growing intimacy brewing between them. Intense conversations led to their sizzling chemistry boiling into one scorching hot wedding night.

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The love between them truly started to blossom that night and what was once a simple wedding contract turned into an eternal bond between soulmates. It was the beginning of many beautiful moments between the leading couple.

9 Brianna And Roger: Their First Kiss

Brianna and Roger met while attending Reverend Wakefield's funeral in Scotland with her mother. There was an instant attraction between them that took a while to take to the next level.

But when Roger was helping Claire find Jamie back in the 18th-century, they only grew closer. During a moment of vulnerability, when Bree was expressing her fear of losing her mother once they find Jamie, Roger shares he knows the feeling. Because once they find him, Bree will go back to Boston, which he doesn't want.

Brianna instantly kisses him, almost on reflex, and it was the perfect first kiss for the couple who had already waited too long.

8 Jamie And Claire: When Jamie Accepted Claire’s Time-Travel Story

Back in season 1 of Outlander, there was a good amount of time where Jamie was unaware of the true nature of how Claire ended up in the Highlands of Scotland. When she is accused of witchcraft and he must save her during the trial, she ends up divulging the truth to him, once and for all.

He patiently listens and lets her tell him every last detail of her time-traveling mishap that took her from the 1940s at Craigh Na Dun to 18th-century Scotland. Instead of looking at her as if she was insane, he calmly accepts the story and realizes from the details she mentioned, that there's no way she could be making this up.

It was a small but sweet gesture from Jamie to show just how much faith he puts into Claire and their relationship.

7 Brianna And Roger: When They Were Handfasted

Roger wanted to marry Brianna for quite some time before they reunited back in time in Scotland. He followed her on her travels to find her parents in the 18th-century as a grand romantic gesture.

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While Bree wasn't sure she was ready for marriage before that, when he went back 200 years in the past just for her, she changed her mind and wanted to be with him forever.

He suggested they be handfasted, which is a Highland tradition where they will be "married" for a year and a day in the absence of a minister at their nuptials. The ceremony was so simple and beautiful that you felt the romance of the moment emanating off the screen.

6 Jamie And Claire: The Print Shop Reunion

Twenty years apart was quite a long time for Jamie and Claire. They were always madly in love with each other and couldn't imagine having a life with anyone else, until they were forced into those circumstances at the Battle of Culloden.

Claire went back to her own time to raise their daughter, with Jamie staying back, expecting to perish in the battle. But he survived, and twenty years later, Claire found this piece of information out. She immediately went on a search through history to see if she could find him again, and when she did, it was one of the most simply gorgeous reunions we've ever seen.

Their first night back together was completely perfect and the intimacy they had always shared was still there. We couldn't have asked for a better moment between the two.

5 Brianna And Roger: His Search For Bree After Their Fight

Unfortunately, after the beautiful wedding ceremony Brianna and Roger shared and the night they experienced together, they soon began fighting -- passionately. Things were said that were difficult to take back and Roger ended up leaving in a huff when Bree told him to go.

At first, it seemed like things were not looking up for the two lovebirds. We weren't even sure if Roger would make his way back, but he soon realizes his mistake in leaving and tries to find ways to get back to Bree again. Many obstacles get in the way of them being together once again, but his determination to do just that was admirable and incredibly romantic.

4 Jamie And Claire: Jamie Bringing Claire To The Stones (And Claire Choosing Him Instead)

After Claire revealed the truth about her time-traveling adventure to Jamie, he realized that she had previously attempted to get back to her first husband, Frank, and he had punished her for it. He felt guilty for his actions and only wanted her to be happy, so he selflessly brought her back to the stones at Craigh Na Dun so she can return to Frank.

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He was devastated at the thought of losing her, but since he thought that's what she wanted, he sacrificed his own happiness for hers. Luckily, Claire chose him, instead, and his reaction was absolutely priceless. The elation and emotion he showed in that moment was something Claire would never forget.

3 Brianna And Roger: Their Time At The Scottish Festival

While the end of their time at the Scottish festival left a lot to be desired for the Bree and Roger relationship, the beginning of it showed true promise and romance blooming.

They were carefree and falling in love, slowly but surely. They were both getting in touch with their roots while learning more about one another and it made viewers feel the love brewing between them instantly.

The only disappointing part was when they argued about their future, with Roger wanting a huge commitment from Bree before she was ready to give him that. If that hadn't happened, it would have been the perfect romantic getaway for the new couple.

2 Jamie And Claire: Jamie Giving Claire Her New Ring

One of the most prominent physical symbols of Jamie and Claire's love story was the ring he made for her on their wedding day from the key to his home at Lallybroch. So when the evil Stephen Bonnet stole the ring from them in an attack on their boat in season 4, Claire was devastated.

So Jamie being the romantic soul that he is went out and had a new ring made for her. He knew it wouldn't necessarily replace the original ring's sentimentality, but he hoped that she would love it just as much. Of course, Claire was in awe of it and the fact Jamie was the sweetest man alive.

1 Brianna And Roger: Roger’s Return To Brianna

Most of season 4 had Brianna and Roger apart. To make matters worse, Bree was attacked and became pregnant, having to endure the post-traumatic stress from the ordeal as well as the pregnancy without Roger. Meanwhile, Roger was sold to the Mohawk and was enslaved by them for the latter half of the season.

It was a rough year for the two, and Bree wasn't even sure upon learning of her pregnancy if Roger would return to her once her parents found them. Up until the final moments of the season finale, even we weren't sure what would happen, but when Roger came riding up to Aunt Jocasta's estate to find his love, we couldn't have been more thrilled for them. To make it an even sweeter moment was Roger's proclamation of love and of wanting to see his son.

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