The Outer Worlds Launch Trailer Leans Into Chaos

Outer Worlds Launch Trailer Chaos Colorful Choice

Obsidian Entertainment released The Outer Worlds' official launch trailer earlier today, and the video leans heavily into the colorful chaos that the game world looks to emphasize once it releases later this month. The Outer Worlds is Obsidian Entertainment's upcoming sci-fi RPG adventure that looks to borrow successfully from franchises like FalloutMass Effect, and Borderlands to create its own blend of personality and choice-driven narrative, and early glimpses at the game have looked exceptionally promising.

Obsidian Entertainment is renowned for the high quality of its RPG titles, making The Outer Worlds a very intriguing game for fans of the genre. It's something of a departure for the developer in the sense that it prioritizes its quirky world and humorous take on sci-fi colonization a little more than the often serious narrative the company is known for, though it's worth mentioning that Obsidian has never struggled with witty dialogue or tongue-in-cheek quips before. The true challenge will come in capitalizing on such an interesting world by offering equally interesting combat, especially given that the game's previews haven't been shy when discussing the amount of choice available.

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The new The Outer Worlds official launch trailer, shared by Obsidian Entertainment on YouTube earlier today, is a solid glimpse at just what that gameplay might look like, and it's definitely exciting. The trailer showcases the wide range of environments available within the game before also illustrating the type of combat players can expect, particularly highlighting both a brawling style as the player smashes up robots at close-range and an assassin approach that has them suddenly appearing behind an unsuspecting enemy. Sprinkled throughout is a narrative dialogue that once again emphasizes the malleability of the player character's persona and how they will be perceived by the characters around them.

The Outer Worlds is launching into a tight release window that's just weeks before Death Stranding, another huge release that is also going to ask for a lot of its players' time. Obsidian Entertainment's game offers something distinctly different from the latter, though, and has continuously impressed every time samples of its gameplay are shown. It seems reasonable to expect that The Outer Worlds will hit the high bar for quality that the developer has historically set for itself, and it may be a sleeper hit heading into a busy holiday season for sales.

For now, though, all that's obvious is just how much personality oozes out of The Outer Worlds. Hopefully the game can capitalize on the charm it's demonstrated thus far and, if the launch trailer is anything to go by, it's going to be an entertaining trip to the far reaches of space for players when The Outer Worlds launches on October 25, 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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Source: Obsidian Entertainment/YouTube

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