13Adam’s extravagant drone expense

"After the whole drone debacle, I've decided to hire a financial planner to help us get on track and move forward on this Busby train to success," Danielle told camera on episode 6 of season 2.

Danielle pointed to Adam and laughed when she mentioned how the rate at which they're spending

money is causing some problems. However, it isn't really a laughing matter... with six kids to take care of, five of whom are babies, the family should be pinching pennies. So why did Adam buy an expensive and unnecessary drone?

It may have had something to do with him coping with his postpartum depression, but that's still not an excuse for actions that impacted the whole family. Danielle should have been a bit more cross with her husband's impulsive expenses, particularly because of the result of what that advisor had to say about the state of their finances.

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