14Adam was accused of cheating

After the social zeitgeist of the Jon Gosling's cheating debacle, the straw that broke the "Jon and Kate Plus Eight" camel's back, all eyes were on Adam Busby since cameras started rolling on day one of Outdaughtered.

However, he seemed like such a sweet, funny, upstanding dude! He would never cheat

on Danielle, right? When fans noticed how distant and drawn out he had grown to be on the show, they were suspicious outright — he missed Valentine's Day and didn't even give wife Danielle a call to say he'd be late. More and more often, Adam was saying he'd be working late.

Viewers became up in arms over this and took to social media to inundate Adam and TLC with speculative comments as to the state of the Busby marriage. As it turned out, Adam Busby was keeping a big, emotional secret from his wife after all...  but it wasn't one anyone ever expected, especially from the father of newborns-- postpartum depression.

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