Outcast TV Trailer: The Walking Dead Meets The Exorcist

Outcast Robert Kirkman comic book

Robert Kirkman's horror comic book series The Walking Dead has now been around for more than a decade, and in that time has spawned several video games as well as a massively successful TV series, which recently received a spinoff in the form of Fear the Walking Dead. Kirkman himself serves as an executive producer on both shows, and given the popularity of The Walking Dead franchise it should come as no surprise than another of Kirkman's comic book properties has now been adapted to the small screen.

Outcast is about a man called Kyle Barnes, who throughout his life has found his loved ones succumbing to demonic possession, making them violent and dangerous. The upcoming TV show from Cinemax stars Patrick Fugit (Gone Girl) as Kyle and Philip Glenister (Life on Mars) as Reverend Anderson, a clergyman who once suffered from demonic possession and who has made it his life's work to eradicate demons wherever he finds them.

Outcast got a big dose of promotion at San Diego Comic Con this year with the TV show's first trailer and two posters, one of which showed Fugit reenacting the cover of the first comic book issue. Now Outcast is back for New York Comic Con, ahead of its 2016 release, with another trailer that features all-new footage. Fortunately the trailer doesn't give away too much - just enough to excite fans of the comic books, and intrigue those who've never heard of them.

As shown in the previous trailer, Kyle returns as an adult to his home town of Rome, West Virginia, where he reunites with Reverend Anderson and discovers another victim of demonic possession - this time a little boy. There are also some very creepy glimpses of scenes from Kyle's childhood, as he suffers at the hands of his possessed and abusive mother.

Outcast Robert Kirkman comic book

Outcast showrunner Chris Black (Red Widow) has said that the TV show will contain a few twists and turns that weren't present in the comic books, which means that - as with The Walking Dead - those who are familiar with the source material won't necessarily be more clued into upcoming events than anyone else.

Though there's no fixed premiere date just yet, Outcast will be joining a growing roster of dark supernatural TV shows based on comic books, including Lucifer on Fox and Preacher on AMC. Fans of demons, devils, and struggles between spiritual good and evil are definitely going to be well-served in the coming year, but can Outcast become a hit TV show to rival The Walking Dead, or will this slice of Hell end up being undercooked? We're certainly looking forward to watching it and finding out.

Outcast is expected to premiere on Cinemax in 2016.

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