Outcast Season 2 Is About A Demonic ‘D-Day’ For Its Characters

Patrick Fugit in Outcast Season 2

Season 2 of Outcast is ready to move its characters past the phase of discovering the threat around them and start pushing them toward a demonic “D-Day,” according to the show’s executive producer Chris Black. After a significant delay, the horror series from creator Robert Kirkman is once again rolling along on Cinemax, delving ever deeper into the mystery of the otherworldly entities Kyle Barnes (Patrick Fugit) and Reverend Anderson (Philip Glenister) have been tasked with fighting. That fight will reach a breaking point during the second season, as the conflict moves well past the isolated incidents Kyle dealt with in season 1. 

So far, season 2 has largely concerned itself with the aftermath of the first season finale, and with getting its various characters, Kyle, Rev. Anderson, Chief Giles (Reg E. Cathey), and Megan (Wrenn Schmidt) on the same page, while Sidney (Brent Spiner) builds an army for what will presumably be an invasion Kyle can only hope he’ll be able to contain. But as the season moves forward, especially with the events in tonight’s ‘Not My Job to Judge,’ Outcast is set to take a big step toward an all-out conflict. 

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That much was made clear when Black spoke with Screen Rant with regard to Outcast season 2 and where he planned to take the series. For Black, the second season is about containing and combating a very dangerous epidemic. Black said:

Patrick Fugit Outcast Season 2

“I think it is these characters discovering the extent of this threat. Discovering that what they believe was a sort of isolated incident, you know, where there were these individual demons who were popping up and Kyle Barnes has this ability, with the reverend's help, to help these people on an individual basis. It's much more an epidemic, and not simply an epidemic, but an epidemic with some degree of organization. So this goes from individual skirmishes in the first season to essentially D-Day, an all-out battle between who we discover as the forces of good on our side, versus the opponents, who they don't know who they are, what they are, where they came from, or what they want and that's going to be the gradual course of discovery over the second season and then hopefully, you know, it becomes our overarching mythology for the series.”

There’s still a great deal of mystery (for U.S. audiences, anyway) surrounding Sidney and his ultimate plan, so any information explaining what he wants or hopes to achieve is welcome. In both seasons so far Outcast has been less concerned about plot than it is about the mood and atmosphere, both of which it has down pat. But with the series moving toward an ending, it will be nice to see the elements Black is talking about be woven into the moody tapestry he’s already created. 

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Outcast season 2 continues tonight with ‘Not My Job to Judge’ @10pm on Cinemax.

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