Outcast: Patrick Fugit & EP Chris Black Explain That Big Twist In Episode 3

Patrick Fugit and Philip Glenister in Outcast Season 2

The latest episode of Outcast dropped a bombshell revelation in its final moments, which will reshape how Kyle Barnes (Patrick Fugit) views his conflict with the demonic Sidney (Brent Spiner) and the possessed people of Rome, West Virginia. The revelation was made by series newcomer M.C. Gainey (Lost, Justified), who plays Bob, a mysterious junkyard owner and friend to Chief Giles (Reg E. Cathey). Bob seems to know a whole lot more about the unholy circumstances swirling around Rome than he lets on. In fact, it turns out he may know more about what’s going on than everyone put together. 

Much of the new season so far has concerned itself with the fallout from the events of season 1, but Gainey’s surprise disclosure at the end of ‘Not My Job to Judge’ helps realign the story’s focus on the conflict that lies ahead. As Bob tells Kyle, while digging up a severely decayed corpse he absconded with from the county morgue, what’s going on in Rome has happened before. Speaking with regard to the corpse, Bob said, “This one had a real pretty face. She did a s**t ton of damage before we put her down.” When Kyle asks who “we” is, Bob replied, “Me and the one who stopped it 30 years ago. Your old man.”

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In an interview before the U.S. premiere of season 2, Fugit and Outcast executive producer Chris Black discussed what Bob’s revelation means for the series moving forward and, perhaps more importantly, what it means for Kyle. Fugit said:

Patrick Fugit in Outcast Season 2

“One of the cool transitions Kyle has gone through from season 1 to season 2 is a sense of purpose and a sense of initiative, which we are starting to build in the second season. He's meeting up with Chief Giles and they're finally assisting each other instead of working against or inhibiting one another. Just as Kyle starts to really get into that persona, he's twisted around by M.C. Gainey's character and now there's a whole other history that speaks to a very personal theme for Kyle that has been a huge part of his life since childhood: legacy and family structure. So it gets super personal for him and it's a huge emotional connection. Whether it is going to help or hinder his mission is yet to be seen.”

Black agrees, saying the reveal adds a dash of destiny to the overarching story, a lot of which still has to be revealed. Black said: 

“This nod is part of the evolution of the show and the evolution of Robert's mythology in the comics. This is not an isolated incident. This is not a character with a singular ability; there is a legacy and sense of destiny. Bob reveals there's a history here that goes back decades and we're just beginning to tap into that.”

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Outcast continues next Friday with ‘The One I’d Be Waiting For’ @10pm on Cinemax.

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