'Out of the Furnace': New Trailer & Poster Show Christian Bale on a Vendetta

His older brother might be the newly elected Batman, but Casey Affleck definitely isn't slouching on the career front either. The actor is currently hard at work on the set of Christopher Nolan's wormhole travel sci-fi Interstellar, and this year has a one-two hit of roles in intense crime dramas Ain't Them Bodies Saints and Out of the Furnace.

In the latter movie, Affleck plays a war veteran called Rodney Baze Jr., who becomes involved in an extremely dangerous crime ring whilst his brother, Russell (Christian Bale) is locked up in prison. When Russell gets out, Rodney has disappeared and the police are unable or unwilling to chase down the culprits, leaving it up to Russell to find out what has happened to his brother and deliver his own kind of justice.

Co-written and directed by Scott Cooper (Crazy Heart), Out of the Furnace is set for a winter release and a second trailer for the movie has just been released. Like the first trailer it's artfully done, cut with excellent timing to a cover of Neil Young's "Heart of Gold" and managing to showcase a lot of intense moments without giving away too much about the plot of the movie. It does carry a few overtones of Oscar bait, but so long as Out of the Furnace is a good movie it's free to go fishing for as many Academy Awards as it likes.

A new poster for the movie, featuring Bale in what looks like a moment of vengeance, has also been released:

Out of the Furnace poster

Starring alongside Affleck and Bale are Woody Harrelson as the leader of the crime ring, Zoe Saldana as Russell's girlfriend Lena and Forest Whitaker as a cop involved in the investigation. A lot of talent has been assembled for Out of the Furnace, which looks like a pretty powerful depiction of crime and poverty set against a rust-belt backdrop, and for those who enjoyed Crazy Heart it will definitely be worth checking out Cooper's follow-up.

Let us know in the comments whether the trailers for Out of the Furnace so far have convinced you to see this fraternally-driven crime drama on the big screen.


Out of the Furnace is set for release on December 6th, 2013.

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