Hasbro’s Ouija Board Says McG Will Be The Director

Ouija movie gets a writer

The executives at Universal gathered recently to discuss their choices in hiring a director for their upcoming film, Ouija. Stumped with making a decision they turned to the very thing that was the focus of their film - the Ouija Board. That’s when one of the interns brought out his brand new Hasbro Ouija Board and they all gathered around to ask the dearly departed for guidance in choosing a director.

Recently the directorial choices for Ouija were down to Terminator Salvation’s McG and The Crazies’ Breck Eisner but it would seem the spirits from the great beyond have sent their recommendation and Universal is listening to their advice. Deadline is now reporting the planchette has landed squarely on the letter “G” – so of course this indicates spirits want McG as director. As a result, Universal has entered into negotiations with him to direct their upcoming supernatural action adventure film.

McG joins already hired writers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis (whose most recent work can be seen in TRON: Legacy) with Hasbro’s Brian Goldner and Bennett Schneir along to produce. Deadline is also reporting that Michael Bay’s studio Platinum Dunes is attached to produce Ouija as well – although the report wasn’t specific to whether Bay would be involved with the project personally.

For those unfamiliar with an Ouija Board, it’s a tool first used by spiritualists to contact the other side and help people communicate with their deceased loved ones. Parker Brothers turned it into board game that was marketable to the masses. Hasbro purchased it in 1991.

McG chosen to direct Hasbro's Ouija

There’s not a whole to playing the “game” of Ouija other than sitting in the dark (for effect) with your friends while everybody places their fingers on the planchette. Then everyone takes turns asking the spirits questions and supposedly they will answer by spelling out words or selecting “Yes” or “No”.  Inevitably there is always one person in the group who influences the direction of the planchette and ruins the game but everyone swears they aren’t moving it. Check out this old commercial for the game below to get a sense of how it works.


Hasbro obviously thinks Ouija will enjoy the same big screen success as their other games and toys although it's not as popular an item as their other properties. Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon is sure to have another blockbuster opening this summer; G.I. Joe did well at the box office and they’re also turning the popular board game Battleship into a movie which is now filming with Peter Berg (Hancock) in the director’s chair.

Only the spirits know if McG can turn this one-dimensional game into a viable movie franchise but if you have any questions just put your fingers on the planchette and ask – hey stop moving it!

Ouija answers all your questions November 12th, 2012.

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Source: Deadline

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