Ouija Board Movie Not a Horror Film?

Ouija Film is Action Adventure

In one of the most obvious Hollywood examples of form over function, the upcoming Ouija board adaptation is not going to be a horror film.

Producer, Brad Fuller, spoke with Bloody Disgusting about the current direction of the Ouija film, which definitely hints at a more family-friendly angle:

"Ouija’ isn’t really a horror movie per se, it’s definitely more of a big action-adventure movie along the lines of…I gotta be careful what I compare it to. But you know, it’s like a big action-adventure movie. And that script…I’ve read a couple pages of it, it seems good. I think we’re getting the full script in the next month. And that’s a very exciting project for it, cause it’s a much bigger movie, and it gives us an opportunity to try something we haven’t done before…There are definitely horror elements, because it’s about Ouija and what happens from an Ouija board, but it’s a much bigger film. I would call it an action-adventure with horror elements."

While this might be a shock to the system, it definitely makes sense from a production stand-point. Sure, the notion of an R rating would have given the writers more to explore as well as provided for some really disturbing sequences. However, at the end of the day the Ouija film is based on the "game" by Parker Bros.

Now, before anyone corrects me, I realize that spirit boards predate Parker Bros. by several millennia, but the term Ouija is a Parker Bros. trademark - so the film adaptation is growing out of a very specific brand of spiritual board. As a result, it's easy to imagine why the film is going to be more of an action-adventure experience than a horror film. The last time Hollywood mixed children and horror we got Eddie Murphy's The Haunted Mansion.

eddie murphy haunted mansion

A lot of us are cynical about these "board game" adaptions, and for good reason, but it's important to keep in mind that, even though many of us played Monopoly or Candlyand as kids, these film adaptations aren't for us. Ouija, Monopoly, and Candlyland, are being prepped for younger audiences. Younger audiences who wouldn't have any idea that a John Carpenter version of Ouija would have been far superior.

What do you think of an action-adventure Ouija board film? Who would have been your choice to direct a hard-core Ouija board horror film?

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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