Ouija: Origin of Evil Stars Discuss Their On-Screen Chemistry

We interview Ouija: Origin of Evil stars Lulu Wilson and Annalise Basso about their on-screen chemistry and why they enjoy making horror films.

Lulu Wilson in Ouija Origin of Evil

Playing sisters in the upcoming horror flick, Ouija: Origin of Evil, horror veterans Lulu Wilson and Annalise Basso have as much off-screen chemistry as they do on-screen. Wilson explains where their bond began, “I feel like when we were in the table read, the moment I really connected with [Annalise] was when [she] stole the gummies from the pantry of the place we were doing the table read and she just put them in all of her pockets. I was like, this is someone I could work with!” The stars also gave their stunt doubles a run for their money in some scenes, Basso states, “We were swashbuckling rogues tackling our stunts.”

Screen Rant caught up with Wilson and Basso at the film’s L.A. press day to discuss their reaction to the film, prosthetics, and their favorite part about starring in another horror film.

I just got done watching your movie yesterday and my question for you guys is first of all, when you watched it back what was your reaction? Were you equally as terrified as I was?

Lulu Wilson: The first time I was like ugh, well not like the first time I saw it because I only saw it once. But the first scene I watched I was like, 'Oh this is really good,' and then when it started getting into the scary stuff I was like, 'It's so good but it's so scary!'

(Gestures to a big mouth) And your mouth by the way gets so -is that scary to watch?

Wilson: Well I do have a pretty big mouth, like in general. But watching it get that big is kind of like WOAH! It’s just weird seeing what they do to me as a character, just kind of like, wait a second?

Lulu Wilson in Ouija Origin of Evil

Exactly! And Annalise you had your mouth basically closed shut, what was that like watching that back?

Annalise Basso: We both had to put prosthetics on. She had prosthetics on for the scene where she had stitches on her mouth, and then I actually didn't end up using mine but I did have to go through that whole process of getting my head molded and everything. But it ended up just being special effects.

Wilson: That was so much fun. I liked it.

I love that! So what was it like performing your own stunts? Because I heard you guys were in the air a little bit right?

Wilson: Yeah.

Basso: We were swashbuckling rogues tackling our stunts.

Wilson: I'm more of a swashbuckler than you are!

Basso: [laughs]

What is a swashbuckler?

Basso: Um, kind of a hero, kind of reckless-

Lulu: That means I'm more of a swashbuckler than you are, but umm anyways!

Basso: Like Flynn Rider from Tangled.

Wilson: Yeah in Tangled.

Oh! Okay, that makes sense! You guys seem like sisters, like your chemistry is so real, you know what I mean? Was it easier to be on set sisters because your bond seems so strong already?

Basso: Yeah

Wilson: I feel like when we were in the table read the moment I really connected with you was when you stole the gummies from the pantry of the place we were doing the table read and she just put them in all of her pockets. I was like, ‘This is someone I could work with!’

Right! You're like, ‘She's a gummy fan, as am I.’ I love that.

Basso: And I still go over to her house all the time.

Wilson: Yeah, like every night.

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Awe, and what's the age gap between you two?

Wilson: Well I'm 11 on Friday.

Happy early birthday!

Wilson: Thanks.

Basso: I'm 18 in December and I still hang out with a 10 almost 11 year old!

That's okay! Well [Lulu] is mature for your age and you know, you worked in a film together, so you have that bond.

You both are horror vets at this point, Annalise you were in Oculus and Lulu you were in Deliver Us From Evil. What is the most fun about being in a horror film? It’s really different than your traditional films.

Wilson: I feel like the stuff you get to do in a horror movie because horror things, or even just creepy things, are all a mixture of drama, comedy, and horror and creepy obviously. But I just feel like it's a great balance in every single horror movie, but especially in this one, a great balance of everything.

Perfect. What about you Annalise? What is your favorite part about being in a horror genre? You had a lot of like intense crying scenes, and I was watching you both and I'm like you guys are incredible actors especially for your age to muster up that type of emotion. So what was it like what's the most fun?

Basso: Well being a hormonal teenager it's easier for me to tap into that kind of crying part of myself, but it's also kind of therapeutic because I mean I am an emotional person but of course I'm not just going to go in my room and sob like I do in the movie because I mean I don't know I haven't experienced a close death like that before.

Wilson: Also, your little sister getting possessed!

Basso: Yeah! Yeah, I haven't experienced that. I think it was because of the close relationships that it was super scary because it seemed super real to me and that's also something that I love about doing horror films as a 17-year-old girl is at the material has so much more substance than a typical 17-year-old female role. It’s not your typical “Oh my God I love you Tommy! Please take me to the dance!” It's like I have to woman up and take care of my family.

Wilson: Oh, who's Tommy?!

Basso: Tommy is a generic boy name! Isn't it?

It is. It is. Well, thank you so much girls. I appreciate it and congratulations on the film.

Basso: Thank you so much.

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Ouija: Origin of Evil opens in U.S. theaters October 21, 2016.

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