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The Oscars may not be the most popular event in the movie going calendar for the average fan anymore; more and more people claim that the Oscars don't honor the right movies and leave out some of the most rewarding films (read: fun summer blockbusters) in favor of others that are, perhaps, more serious. But it can't be denied the Academy Awards are a major event nonetheless, and in just under a couple of weeks we'll be finding out who will be this year's winners at the 2010 ceremony.

However, taking a look behind the actual ceremony itself, today for Screen Rant's latest SR pick we have a nifty chart created by Business Pundit, which details the cost of a lot of things that go into the Oscars, as well as some of the records set by winners and nominees.

Ever wondered what the average age of Best Actors and Actress winners is? How about the cost of running a commercial during the show or how many streakers have interrupted the ceremony? Well, to find out, Screen Rant gives you the Oscars by numbers (click for larger version):


Wow, it costs $5 million to convince Academy voters to back a film for Oscar considerations? That's sure to be higher than some of the "Oscar bait" films make at the box office! The cost of using the high-speed broadband in the press booth at the ceremony is also shocking (for $500 you could get a new laptop!).

But forget all that, I know what you're really wondering is when did that one streaker interrupt the show and how did he break past security? :P  In case you've not seen it, check out that clip HERE.


What do you make of the figures shown above in the Oscar cost chart? Which numbers surprise you most?

The 82nd Annual Academy Awards air on March 7th, 2010.

Source: Business Pundit (via /Film)

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