Oscars 2019: Ceremony Start Time & How To Watch Online

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The 2019 Oscars are almost here, but what time does the ceremony start and how can cinephiles watch it? After all the campaigning, nominating, and debating, the only thing left to do is hand out the awards. Many people will be ecstatic to bid this awards season goodbye, as it generated one bad headline after another. In an attempt to revamp the broadcast and make it more appealing for general audiences, the Academy tried to introduce a number of changes to the show, but ultimately backtracked on all of them due to intense backlash from various corners of the film industry.

For the first time in three decades, the Oscars are happening without an official host - a byproduct of of the Kevin Hart debacle that blew up late last year. This year, there's more of an emphasis on the star-studded lineup of Oscar presenters and Queen's recently-confirmed performance to generate buzz and excitement heading into Hollywood's biggest night. By now, people have made of their minds if they want to watch the Oscars or not, and there might be some interested parties wondering where they can tune in. Here, we break it down.

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Oscars 2019 Ceremony Date & Start Time

Though things were different last year due to the Winter Olympics, 2019 sees the Oscars return to their traditional slot of the last Sunday in February. The 91st Academy Awards take place on February 24 and begin at 8 pm EST. This year, the Academy was hellbent on squeezing the ceremony into a strict three-hour window because of how late the ceremony can run on the East coast. But with the reversal of the controversial "commercial break" Oscar presentations decision, it's all but a guarantee the show will be in excess of three hours, as it normally is.

Of course, the festivities get started earlier than 8 pm EST. A big part of Oscar night is the red carpet coverage, where the stars arrive and get ready to celebrate the big occasion. The Oscars Opening Ceremony kicks off at 6:30 pm EST and runs until the actual awards show commences.

How To Watch The 2019 Oscars Ceremony

As has been the case since 1976, the Oscars will air live on ABC. The current contract the network has with the Academy runs until 2028, so they'll continue to be the home of the Oscars for the foreseeable future. This would explain why ABC is so keen on fixing the declining ratings problem, since they're in this for the long haul.

For those unable to watch the Oscars on regular TV, there are streaming options available. Those who are in participating media markets can log into or the ABC app with their cable subscription information to watch the ceremony online. A list of participating media markets and TV providers can be found on the official Oscars website.

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