Oscars Ceremony to Feature Time's Up 'Moment'

The 90th Oscars Ceremony this coming weekend will dedicate a special moment for the Time's Up Movement, leaders of the organization revealed.

In the last few months, Hollywood has been more vocal about social and political issues plaguing the country. Many celebrities have taken to their social media to express their views and opinions about some of the more pressing matters that the nation is facing, no longer separating themselves from the majority of normal citizens. At the same time within the industry, thespians are also shining a light on several systemic problems such as the rampant sexual abuse and gender pay gap. And in an effort to solve these dilemmas for a better working environment for everyone in the business, few campaigns have been launched including the Time's Up Movement.

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With the growing number of on and off screen talent supporting these endeavors, The Academy Awards has announced that they are dedicating a segment in the upcoming ceremony to feature the Time's Up movement. Variety reports that campaign leaders such as producer Shonda Rhimes, director Ava DuVernay, Laura Dern, and Tessa Thompson have told the press about the planned event, as well as new updates regarding their legal defense fund which was launched at the Golden Globes. The group aims to provide financial help for female victims of sexual harassment and discrimination case across the country so they can get the best legal help possible. Apparently, in the last two months, the fund has already raised $21 million and is now covering other industries including agriculture, hospitality, restaurants, technology.  “It’s really important that you know that Time’s Up is not about the red carpet. And those women you saw on the red carpet representing Time’s Up are now off the red carpet working their butts off being activists,” Rhimes said.

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This year's awards season has been the stars' venue of choice to express their support for the change that movements such as Time's Up and Me Too are aiming for. Back in January, actors, and actresses walked the red carpet dressed in black in solidarity for Time's Up in the Golden Globes and the same thing happened at the BAFTAS. Hosts' monologues and speeches have also touched on these issues with Oprah delivering an impassioned one that quickly became the talk of the town. But this is the first time that the aforementioned causes are given their own proper time to be acknowledged, and no less than during Hollywood's biggest night.

The ceremony will be once again hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, his second time following last year's controversial gathering. Given how the late-night host has been one of the more vocal personalities who tackles all sorts of national, as well as industries issues in his daily talk show, it's certain that he will have a thing or two to say about the Time's Up campaign, setting up the mood for a more politically-charged Academy Awards ceremony possibly ever.

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The 90th Oscars is scheduled this March 4th, for all the ways that you could catch the show's live broadcast, head here.

Source: Variety

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