Oscar 2013 Best Picture Nominees: Which Movie Will Win & Which SHOULD Win

Best Picture Oscar nominees 2013

The 85th Annual Academy Awards ceremony takes place this weekend, capping off the 2013 Oscar race and providing a chance for various films, actors, screenwriters, directors and technical artists to be showered with praise by their peers.

2012 was a strong year for cinema, so there's a good chance the Academy will share the love and not heap the majority of awards on a single motion picture, as has occurred every so often in the past (see: Titanic, Return of the King, etc.). Of course, the big question is: Which film is going to walk away crowned the Best Picture of 2012?

Every movie has its strengths and flaws, so I've broken down the Best Picture nominees as follows:

  • Why It Should Win (What's good about it)
  • Why It Shouldn't Win (What's not-so-good about it)
  • The Bottom Line (What are its chances?)
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