Oscar Isaac Hunts Nazis in the Operation Finale Trailer

Oscar Isaac stars in the trailer for Operation Finale, a thriller based on the real-life hunt for the Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann.

The stakes are high in the first Operation Finale trailer. Starring Oscar Isaac, the historical thriller examines the hunt for Adolf Hitler’s infamous lieutenant Adolf Eichmann.

Directed by Chris Weitz, Operation Finale tells the true story of Peter Malkin, an secret agent who spent 27 years with the Israeli intelligence organization known as Massad, or “the institute”. After World War II, Eichmann - who organized “The Final Solution" - escaped to Argentina like so many other Nazi officials. In MGM’s theatrical narrative, Isaac plays the legendary Malkin and Oscar winner Ben Kingsley plays his German target. Set for a September 14 release in the United States, Operation Finale also stars Lior Raz, Mélanie Laurent, and Nick Kroll.

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Today, MGM released Operation Finale’s trailer, an unsurprisingly intense clip that accentuates justice, honor, and duty. From the jump, Eichmann’s oratorial skills are featured, as he makes a telling statement about how political messages are received and interpreted. When paired with a pack of soldier aiming rifles, the words become even more chilling, especially when Kingsley’s character signals for action. This first sequence effectively establishes the importance of Malkin’s mission, and Isaac’s character indeed appears as a silent warrior.

Visually, the trailer balances operational movement with introspective shots, complemented by tight character framing and darkly-lit settings. While the images tell one story, it's the dialogue that suggests Malkin’s task is more than just another mission; it’s one that may not only define his career, but one that will affect the world as a whole, and certainly the families of Eichmann’s victims. As a whole, the trailer effectively communicates the historical context and the long-term implications if the target continues to evade justice.

Operation Finale is the latest film from the multi-talented Weitz, who began his career by writing the 1998 film Antz before co-directing (uncredited) the iconic comedy American Pie with his brother Paul. Since then, Weitz has displayed his genre versatility by directing films like About a Boy, The Golden Compass, and The Twilight Saga: New Moon, with his last directorial feature being 2011’s A Better Life, a traditional drama. In recent years, Weitz has also written Cinderella (2015), Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) and The Mountain Between Us (2017).

Given the difficult subject matter, Operation Finale will undoubtedly be an intense film, but the trailer suggests that it will incorporate various storytelling elements to appease all demographics.

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Source: MGM

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