Fan Art Imagines What Oscar Isaac Could Look Like as Batman

Oscar Isaac as Batman

Following reports that Oscar Isaac may have met with Warner Bros. for a role in Matt Reeves' The Batman, fan-art imagines what he would look like as the Caped Crusader. It was recently reported that the Inside Llewyn Davis star was approached for a possible role in the forthcoming Batman standalone. And while it's not confirmed whether or not the actor is being considered for the titular role, many have assumed that Isaac may just be the next iteration of the iconic DC superhero on the big screen, including the creator of this brand new fan-edit.

Originally attached to star and direct the Batman standalone movie, Ben Affleck's involvement in the project is currently murky, although latest intel claims that he's still set to produce the film. Not much is known regarding the plot specifics of the movie but it's expected to feature a younger version of the character which led many to believe that Affleck will most certainly not appear. The fact that he's also lined up several other projects outside of the DCEU, not to mention his recent admission to a rehabilitation center to combat his alcohol addiction further fuel rumors that The Batman will introduce a new actor playing the DC hero.

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Coming from digital artist BossLogic on Twitter is a trio of images imagining Isaac as Bruce Wayne, as well as Batman in two different suits. Fans seem to be loving the idea of the actor as the new Bat of Gotham with the comments section flooded with people giving their stamp of approval on the idea. Check out the images below:

It's important to reiterate, however, that the initial report about Isaac's meeting for the project didn't indicate that he's up for the titular character. In fact, there's a higher chance that he may be up to play the main villain in the movie, who was previously rumored to possibly be the Penguin. But if not Oswald Cobblepot, fans are suggesting several other roles Isaac can play in the film such as Hugo Strange and maybe even Victor Zsasz. Considering the actor's impressive acting range, there's a slew of characters that he can play, and since it's unclear what the premise of The Batman will be, it's quite difficult to narrow down the list of roles that he might eventually porteay.

If Isaac decides to board The Batman, it will be his second foray into comic book films. He was first in Fox's X-Men: Apocalypse where he played the primary antagonist, Apocalypse. Sadly, the film wasn't well received, not because of any performance issues from the cast, but due to its shallow narrative, not to mention the use of overused superhero film tropes. Perhaps his possible stint in the DC standalone could make up for his first film in the genre, and hopefully Reeves' will be able to capitalize on his acting prowess.

In the meantime, while everyone is waiting for any official news about The Batman, including the announcement on who will play the headlining character. Isaac is currently busy with principal photography for Star Wars: Episode IX where he will reprise his role as Resistance member Poe Dameron. Many are expecting Dameron to take more of a leadership role in the threequel following his arc in The Last Jedi (though General Leia will still be around). Fans would just have to wait and see until the J.J. Abrams-directed flick hit theaters December of next year.

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Source: BossLogic/Twitter

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