The Orville Comic-Con Trailer

Seth MacFarlane, Penny Johnson Jerald, Adrianne Palicki, Christine Corpuz, and Halston Sage in The Orville

Seth MacFarlane's new show The Orville just dropped a new trailer for San Diego Comic-Con. The Family Guy creator also stars and serves as executive producer for the new FOX series, which is expected to premiere its Jon Favreau-directed pilot episode in September. MacFarlane's show appears to be primarily a Star Trek send-up also revealed some Galaxy Quest (partially a Trek parody itself) influences in its first trailer.

FOX has already ordered 13 episodes of The Orville, which has long been a passion project for MacFarlane. The show and its ensemble cast of space misfits, led by MacFarlane as the bumbling commander, Ed Mercer, hadn't revealed much beyond a trailer and a quick FOX promo until Saturday during SDCC, when the network offered up some fresh footage in an exclusive new teaser.

The new trailer dropped on Saturday via the official FOX YouTube channel. You can watch it above. There are some new looks at MacFarlane and the main cast, including Scott Grimes (American Dad!) as Gordon Malloy and J. Lee (Family Guy) as John LaMarr. There's another look at a scene involving Halston Sage (Neighbors) as alien character Alara Kitan and her apparent super-strength. Sage is not alone, as many actors in the series will be almost completely covered in makeup as various creatures.

Seth MacFarlane, Penny Johnson Jerald, Adrianne Palicki, Christine Corpuz, and Halston Sage in The Orville

The Orville also stars Penny Johnson Jerald (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) as Dr. Claire Finn, Adrianne Palicki (John Wick) as Kelly Grayson, Peter Macon (Shameless) as Bortus, and guest-stars the voice of Norm MacDonald in at least three episodes as Yaphit, an easy-going alien blob. Much like the first teaser, the new Comic-Con trailer reveals The Orville's mix of impressive visual effects (for a comedy series) and comic interplay between commander Mercer and the rest of his crew.

The Orville has a chance to be both an effective Star Trek spoof and a visually striking spectacle, balancing a vivid world of extraterrestrial beings with MacFarlane's familiarly outrageous comic stylings. FOX is betting big on MacFarlane's passion project, which he has wanted to make since he was a kid, and the new trailer certainly looks promising.

MacFarlane's brand of comedy has mostly been successful but has also at times been polarizing. It's uncertain whether The Orville will win him any new fans or change anyone's mind about his style of humor. But MacFarlane's huge fanbase, especially those who love Star Trek as much as he does, will likely enjoy what his new show has to offer.

The Orville is set to premiere Sept. 10 on FOX.

Source: FOX

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