Final Orphan Black Season 5 Trailer Promises the Beginning of the End

Tatiana Maslany stars in Orphan Black as Sarah and Helena

Orphan Black has released a new trailer, as the fifth and final season has almost arrived. For four seasons, audiences have watched as clone "sestras" Sarah, Allison, Cosima, and Helena have learned their origins, fought off numerous enemies, and protected each other in the name of family. Now their battle is nearly at an end, but the danger still looms for all of them, and their loved ones.

The fourth season ended on a series of extreme cliffhangers that need to be concluded. Cosima has discovered the cure that will save her life -- as well as the other clones -- and has gone on the run with youngest clone Charlotte. They've been found by Cosima's lover Delphine, as well as the founder of Neolution. Whether he is on their side or not remains to be seen, but earlier indications are not promising. Rachel is finally back on top, and has arranged for Kira and Mrs. S to be taken hostage. A wounded Sarah has stumbled into the woods, all alone. And Allison, Helena, and Donnie are hiding out, with no knowledge of what is happening with the other clones.

BBC America has released the final trailer for the fifth season, and the beginning of the end has been promised. One way or another, the story of the clone sestras will be concluded.

Tatiana Maslany in Orphan Black

The trailer opens with a bloody Sarah still in the woods, calling out after a noise she heard. Sarah's story seems to tie closely into Rachel's, as it is revealed that Rachel is "in charge" and once more has taken Sarah's daughter Kira. Sarah's plan is a simple one, she wants Mrs. S and Felix to help her to kidnap her daughter back. But Kira is not a little girl anymore. She's grown up a lot since the series began, and it looked as though she might be with Rachel by choice, rather than by force. It also appears that Ferdinand will imprison Sarah at some point. Considering his history with Rachel, things do not look good for Sarah in the upcoming episodes.

It wouldn't be Orphan Black without a fair amount of danger, and in the trailer the brunt of it seems to be suffered by Allison and Art. Allison appears to be kidnapped, while Art has a gun put to his head as he is questioned about Helena's whereabouts. As anyone who knows Helena can attest, not knowing where she is can get you killed. Especially when her fellow clones or unborn children are concerned.

There is also a scene involving ditzy clone Krystal -- who almost figured everything out last season in spite of her flightiness. Apparently she is not done searching for the truth. It is apparent that while the clones continue to protect each other, there is a lot of focus on rescuing Kira and protecting Helena's babies. Since they are the only two clones capable of baring children, those children are treasured by all the sestras.

There are a lot of storylines to conclude in the fifth season. If the trailer is any indication, those stories have a bit more excitement in store for us before reaching the end.

Orphan Black season 5 will air on BBC America starting Saturday, June 10 at 10 pm.

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Source: BBC America

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