Orphan Black Season 4 Gets a New Trailer & Official Premiere Date

Orphan Black season 4 trailer & premiere date

Orphan Black is circling back to the beginning with its upcoming new season. The complex clone themed show opened an ambitious can of plot worms that have at times been troublesome to contain - but thus far, season 4 promises to return the chase to the first few that wriggled out.

Until now, the select marketing released by BBC America has only hinted events to come with sinister teasers curiously referencing fairy tale mythology and real life clone symbolism. Fans have been left to speculate about the meaning of these ideas and the introduction of a dangerous new clone sister. The great news is; a brand new trailer for Orphan Black season 4 has been released (shown above); the less great news is that the action shown leans towards building the suspenseful intrigue - and fans will have to wait for the April season premiere date to get their answers.

Orphan Black follows a group of cloned women who have formed a supportive but dysfunctional family as they seek answers about the purpose of their creation. The show has actualized the theological, scientific and existential subtexts this sci-fi subject matter raises in the format of various factions threatening the “sestra's” over the last three seasons. The clone characters are brought to life by the exceptionally talented Tatiana Maslany, who plays not only the key women (Sarah, Helena, Cosima and Alison) but a variety of other clone roles when the story lines require. She is joined by Jordan Gavaris (Felix), Maria Doyle Kennedy (Siobian) and Kristian Bruun (Donnie) in recurring roles.

Orphan Black season 4 trailer & premiere date

The new trailer shows flashes of upcoming action set against a soundtrack of dialogue hinting at the revisited plots as well as new material. The dialogue repetition added to the frenetic music score enhances the sense of unease and danger teased by the snippets of scenes. The mysterious new clone MK is featured from previously released teasers for Orphan Black season 4, along with peeks of some brand new faces - the significance of which are currently unknown.

Although Orphan Black season 3 was deemed by many to be hit and miss with its complicated and meandering plot lines, the action was brought to a satisfying resolve by the final episode which found the clone club together for a fairly sentimental ending. However the nature of narrative must be conflict driven, meaning that the sestra's happiness must yet again be attacked - in order to revisit the paranoia fueled mystery that successfully flavored the series in earlier seasons.

This is precisely what the scenes glimpsed within the newest Orphan Black season 4 trailer hint at, as the clones react to both past and present strife. This latest offering from the show's creators continues to indicate that fan feedback has well and truly been taken on board - and their slick marketing strategy intends to up the ante for ultimate fan suspense.

Orphan Black season 4 will premiere on April 14th, 2016, in a new Thursday slot - 10/9 c on BBC America.

Source: BBC America

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