Orphan Black Season 4 Teaser: Open Your Eyes

[WARNING! Spoilers for Orphan Black Season 3 ahead!]


BBC America's Orphan Black has become a cult hit, exploring complex themes like human enhancement, cloning and genetic engineering through the prism of street hustler Sarah Manning (Tatiana Maslany), who learns through the course of the show's first two seasons that she is just one of many clones who, while genetically (sort of) identical, have wildly different personalities and agendas.

Season 3 was considerably more convoluted in its storytelling, taking the various clones (all played by the vastly talented Maslany) into deeper and deeper levels of revelation about the Neolutionist organization's cloning experiment(s) which started it all. Now a new teaser for Season 4 - which will premiere in April 2016 - has been released, and it directly references one of the major developments of Season 3. Watch the teaser above.

Orphan Black's ambitious attempts to branch out the storylines during Season 3 was not entirely successful, but much of the snarled plot strings were tied together by the end of the Season 3 finale. One plotline left open was the future of Rachel Duncan, the clone who was raised by the Neolutionists to be self-aware. Rachel was the main antagonist of Season 2, but a pencil to the eye sidelined her for much of Season 3. She survived, lost the eye, suffered frontal lobe damage and was gifted with a brand new bionic eyeball... the one in the teaser above.

The major reveal for Rachel during the S3 finale found her back in the Neolutionist fold and reunited with her "mother" Professor Susan Duncan (Christy Bruce), who was once thought to be dead. Coupled with the tiny eyeball-cameras of this new teaser, we can expect the Neolutionists to resurface as the primary threatening force to Sarah's Clone Club sisterhood and perhaps even Rachel's re-emergence as a primary foe.

Orphan Black Scarred by Many Past Frustrations 1

One of the main criticisms leveled at Orphan Black's third season was the overall uneven quality to the storytelling. The first season honed in on Sarah and the audience lived out her experiences on the same level as the character. As the plotlines branched out further to reveal the nefarious Neolutionists, the clone-killing religious order the Proletheans, the "brother" clones of Project Castor, the focus shifted away from Sarah Manning and her attempts to keep her daughter Kira safe.

Maslany is and will remain the show's main cohesive element and number one draw, and pitting Sarah against Rachel once again could prove a strong return to form for Season 4, even if it seems like the show's creative team is going back to the well. Stay tuned for more details and teasers as they surface.

Orphan Black season 4 is currently in production and will air in spring 2016.

Source: BBC America

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