BBC America’s Orphan Black has benefited from word of mouth more than most shows on TV right now. It’s managed to gain a large and dedicated fan following throughout its first two seasons as a result – though, the show has (unfortunately) never quite been able to capture the kind of ratings many would believe it deserves.

The series is written and shot well; is an actually intriguing addition to the sci-fi genre; and features an amazing Golden Globe-nominated performance(s) from its star Tatiana Maslany. Oprhan Black is set to premiere its third season in a few weeks both on BBC America and AMC (watch the latest trailer for the new season, above) – with the hope being that the show will soon enjoy the kind of ratings boost it has earned.

Orphan Black Season 3 Teasers Clip 620x350 Orphan Black Season 3 Trailer: This Is War

The trailers and promotional images for the third season so far have focused heavily on the sister clones (Sarah, Cosima, Helena, and Alison) – rather than their newly-revealed brother clones, all played by Ari Millen. The promos season 3 have all seemed to focus on the psychologies of the sisters this season more than anything else. It will be interesting to see where each character’s mental and emotional arcs ends up by the end of the season.

The newest trailer is short and features some footage fans have already seen from some of the previous promos. However, it does go more into teasing the war between the sister and brother clones in this season. It also features new glimpses at the kind of torture Helena will be going through, and what the new set of clones might have in store for our main group.

Mark Orphan Black Season 2 Episode 1 Orphan Black Season 3 Trailer: This Is War

Unlike the sisters, the brother clones have all been raised knowing of each other and being aware of who they are and where they rank amongst themselves – making them formidable foes for our sister clones. While Sara and her sisters have never been the kind to back down from a fight, it looks like they won’t have much of a choice this season, with an entire brotherhood of trained clones coming after them.

Throughout the series, the sisterhood has been fractured, clumsy, united, and even sometimes enemies to each other. However, this season looks to be putting them through a kind of trauma that could tear them apart. Will the sisters be able to stand together against this new force? Or will they fracture and fall apart under the weight of others like them?

Orphan Black season three will premiere on BBC America next month on April 18th at 9/8c.

Source: BBC America

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