'Orphan Black' Season 3 Trailer & Synopsis: Secrets are Power

The 'Orphan Black' season 3 trailer and synopsis teases new dangers that lie ahead for the clone sisterhood (Tatiana Maslany).

Orphan Black season 3 trailer and synopsis

[SPOILERS ahead for Orphan Black season two.]

BBC's cult hit science fiction program Orphan Black stars Tatiana Maslany in a Golden Globe-nominated role(s) as a group of clones, who were engineered (as part of Project Leida) by the shady research institution known as DYAD. During the TV show's second season, the members of Clone Club" were closer than ever to freeing themselves from DYAD's clutches when they - or rather, Sarah Manning a.k.a. The Wild One, to be exact - discovered the existence of their "brothers": male clones who were created as part of Project Castor (all played by Ari Millen).

The above trailer for Orphan Black season three trailer offers a more detailed sneak peek at what comes next on the television series, compared to the previously-released character teasers featuring various members of the clone sisterhood (Sarah, Allison Hendrix, Cosima Niehaus, and Helena). In addition, an official synopsis has been released for the new season, outlining where show-runners/creators John Fawcett and Graeme Manson are planning to take the story once season three begins.

Here is the official synopsis for Orphan Black season three:

No sooner has Sarah caught her breath after a stealthy escape from DYAD and the ruthless clone Rachel (Maslany), she is called upon to face the crazed, captive Castor clone, Rudy (Millen). But it is the discovery of Helena’s disappearance that spurs Sarah into action, rallying her sisters in the quest to reunite their clone family, and find peace once and for all.

Their greatest threat is a band of highly trained soldiers – identical brothers dubbed Project Castor. Unlike the sisterhood, Mark, Rudy, Seth, Miller and others (Millen) grew up together, fully aware of who and what they are. Developed by the military, this wolf pack was raised as regimented clones – singular in thought, movement and allegiance. Hell-bent on kicking up dirt, they’re dispatched to tackle their mission from all sides. But differences in approach betray cracks in their armor, and may be the very thing the sisters need to escape their clutches.

The sisters will need all the help they can get. With Cosima’s fluctuating health and no known cure for the mystery illness that ails her, she is holding onto life by a thread while nursing a broken heart left by her scientist lover Delphine (Evelyne Brochu).  Can she find a cure in time to save herself and her sisters? As the turbulent world of Alison turns, she faces fresh suburban woes and new marital challenges with lovable oaf of a husband Donnie (Kristian Bruun). How far will Alison go to keep up the façade of her cookie cutter life?  Sarah’s torn between her desire for a life with daughter Kira (Skyler Wexler) and Kira’s father Cal (Michiel Huisman) and the urge to protect her foster family – loyal and feisty brother Felix (Jordan Gavaris) and mother Mrs. S (Maria Doyle Kennedy). But Mrs. S’s betrayal may cause her to turn her back on the only mother she’s known.

The hits keep coming for the girls but their commitment to this new family is as important as ever. No clone can do it alone, and Sarah must align with unlikely bedfellows in order to take on what is yet to come… and hopefully, discover the truth – her truth – along the way. How far are they willing to go to save each other and protect their families?

Orphan Black season 3 trailer and synopsis

All things considered, Orphan Black is a pretty easy sell to anyone who's not already watching: it features terrific performance by Maslany, who has managed to make each individual Clone feel like a unique character (enough so you sometimes forget they're each played by same person); the frequently mystery-driven storylines rarely fail to be compelling and intriguing; and the show offers very timely social commentary, often in a very subtle fashion. Orphan Black could well only continue to improve during its third season, as the universe keeps expanding (and the series' mythos grows more complex and intricately-layered).

Of course, Orphan Black is also known for being a TV show that does much better at inspiring chatter and fan discussions online than it does generating high ratings. The series will be getting an extra push from AMC when season three gets underway (with the premiere episode airing on all of AMC's outlets), so hopefully the show will not just keep on getting better, but also grow its fanbase at the same time.

Orphan Black season three begins airing on BBC America starting April 18th, 2015 at 9/8c.

Source: BBC America

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