'Orphan Black' Season 3 Teasers: Sarah is Still the Wild One [Updated]

Tatiana Maslany as Sarah on Orphan Black

[UPDATE: More Orphan Black S3 teasers have dropped.]

[SPOILERS ahead for Orphan Black S2.]


BBC America's sci-fi series Orphan Black remains perhaps one of the best TV shows that most people aren't watching, even headed into its third season beginning this spring. The program stars Golden Globe-nominee Tatiana Maslany as various clones - ranging from street punk Sarah Manning to Type-A soccer mom Allison Hendrix - who find themselves endangered by the very organization that created them (The Dyad Institute): a fringe research/development company partly controlled by another clone, named Rachel Duncan.

Orphan Black season two concluded with Sarah's discovery that she has "brothers" - male versions of her and her "sisters" created by the Dyad Institute's geneticists - and the revelation that one of them is Mark Rollins (Ari Millen): a former member of the Prolethean cult; who, as we learned in season two, have twisted plans of their own for the clones. Or, rather, they did before Helena (the not-so-stable member of "Clone Club") killed their leader and burnt their compound to the ground.

The marketing for Orphan Black season three - including the new teaser posted above - has by and large kept a lid on the larger plot developments that lie ahead, instead focusing on the clones' ongoing plight to reclaim ownership of themselves from Dyad and the feminist thematic undertones that are inherent to the series - as created and run by John Fawcett and Graeme Manson (see the Clones' mantra of "I am not your property."). Sarah likewise makes it clear to one of her "brothers" than she is not under Dyad's control now either, in the latest preview.

UPDATE: Case in point, the latest Orphan Black season 3 teaser (see below) includes Sarah delivering the tagline "I am not your toy."

Of course part of Orphan Black's appeal comes from the show's ability to organically incorporate complex ethical issues and sci-fi concepts (nature vs. nurture) into the mix without turning preachy. The show itself generally plays out as crackling sci-fi/thriller - with mystery elements and touches of dark comedy - grounded by Maslany's ability to give each individual clone a unique personality and mannerisms. For all these reasons and more, most fans remain as invested as ever in watching the world of Orphan Black grow more complicated (and more dangerous) in the future.

Tatiana Maslany as Sarah on Orphan Black

The male clones played by Millen - who now faces some of the same acting challenges as Maslany - aren't the only new additions to the show's ensemble, as the following cast members will also be appearing in the episodes ahead (with the character details having been provided by TVLine back in November last year):

  • James Frain (Intruders, Agent Carter) as Ferdinand, a "well-educated 'cleaner' who is both charming and intimidating."
  • Ksenia Solo (Lost Girl) as Shay, a "soulful and compassionate holistic healer [who becomes] a new friend to Cosima."
  • Kyra Harper (Warehouse 13) as Dr. Coady, a "ruthless doctor and advisor to the military."
  • Earl Pastko (Murdoch Mysteries) as Bulldog, Ferdinand's "silent, imposing and violent personal bodyguard."
  • Justin Chatwin (Shameless) as Jason Kellerman, a "savvy drug-dealer in the guise of a charismatic businessman."

Count us among those looking forward to finding out how these pieces fit into the expanding, yet fascinating as ever, puzzle that is the Orphan Black universe in the episodes ahead.


Orphan Black season three will begin airing on BBC America starting April 18th, 2015.

Source: BBC America

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