'Orphan Black' Season 3 Teasers & Clip: I Am Not Your Weapon

In 2012, the science-fiction series Orphan Black debuted on BBC America and quickly amassed a vocal cult following. The dedicated fans have continuously lobbied for the show’s star Tatiana Maslany to be recognized for her work portraying multiple clones with vastly different personalities. Due to the buzz surrounding the show as well as its critically-acclaimed sophomore outing, BBC America renewed Orphan Black for a third season that will premiere in April.

Gearing up for Orphan Black season 3, BBC America released two teaser trailers as well as a handful more character teasers. Earlier this week, promos featuring Sarah Manning and Alison Hendrix (both portrayed by Maslany) debuted online. Now, two more have been released along with a clip from the first episode.

The new character teasers (below) feature the final two cloned members of the Clone Club, Helena and Cosima, stating “I am not your weapon” and “I am not your experiment” respectively. These statements mirror those of Sarah and Alison in the previously released promos: “I am not your property” and “I am not your toy.”

While the promos largely use footage from previous seasons, they remind viewers where each characters’ story was left at the end of season 2 as well as how it will progress when season 3 debuts. For instance, Helena will face those who captured her at the end of the previous season; meanwhile Cosima will try to decipher a novel with mysterious notes.

These teasers may be frustratingly lacking in new footage from season 3 of Orphan Black, but they do continue to highlight the recurring struggle of the clones between living freely and the manipulation of the organization that created them, the Dyad Institute. Though the teasers may not offer fans much to go on, SpoilerTV released a new clip from the season 3 premiere of Orphan Black:

As Orphan Black did with its second season premiere, it seems the show’s third season debut won’t waste time in getting into the action. As evidenced by the clip from the first episode, the upcoming season 3 will pick up the story from where it left off in the season 2 finale. How the story will progress from there and integrate new characters, is anyone’s guess.


Orphan Black returns for season 3 on Saturday, April 18th on BBC America.

Source: BBC America, SpoilerTV

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'Orphan Black' Season 3 Teasers & Clip: I Am Not Your Weapon