‘Orphan Black’ Season 2 Teaser: The Hunt for Answers Continues

Rachel in Orphan Black

As we creep closer to Orphan Black’s Spring 2014 return, the folks at BBC America are taking their sweet, sweet time divulging season two story details. Co-creators John Fawcett and Graeme Manson kept it cryptic in an interview back in December and that first teaser was really just a totally digital, voiceover-driven attempt at putting the show back on viewers’ radars. However, the latest 30-second spot actually does give us a look at some fresh footage and a clearer sense of the season two tone as well.

For those that missed out on the craze that resulted in the show's star - Tatiana Maslany - snagging a Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series nomination at the Golden Globes, she leads Orphan Black as Sarah Manning – not to mention, she also plays Beth Childs, Alison Hendrix, Cosima Niehaus, Helena, Katija Obinger, and Rachel Duncan, because Sarah Manning is really a clone.

Just after Sarah crosses paths with Beth, Beth jumps in front of a train. With no opportunity to discuss why they look alike, Sarah opts to do the next best thing: grab Beth’s purse and run. Soon thereafter, strange truths come to light and Sarah discovers she may not have come into this world in the most traditional way. But, fortunately, there are others in a similar position and together they’ve got a shot at figuring this all out.

Rachel in Orphan Black

This new teaser essentially lays out the main mission for season two – figure out how many clones are out there, who’s the original and who created them. There’s nothing particularly revelatory in that, but by stating it point blank this early in the season’s promotional push, the show does somewhat lock itself into having to deliver new information sooner rather than later.

Based on the footage in this piece, Sarah is clearly fighting for just that. There’s no more sass, no more goofing off with Felix (Jordan Gavaris) or cuddling up with Kira (Skyler Wexler), just loads of running, frustration and yelling, hinting at more desperation and a far darker tone than season one. Based on his shot placement in this piece, it also looks as though Rachel’s right-hand man, Daniel (Matthew Bennett), could have a bigger presence in season two. Art’s (Kevin Hanchard) in the mix as well and considering his character didn’t really bear all that much weight through most of season one, it should be interesting to see what he does with what he learned during episode ten in round two.

If you’re looking for more information on the clones specifically, keep an eye on the Orphan Black Instagram account because it’s currently releasing teasers as well, and daily nonetheless. It began with a short piece for Rachel who’s as confident as ever until an unhinged Sarah has a gun to her head. And then we’ve also got one for Cosima that’s quite steamy courtesy of Delphine (Evelyne Brochu), but also peppered with needles, ensuring we don’t forget her condition at the close of season one._____

Orphan Black season 2 premieres on April 19, 2014 on BBC America.

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