‘Orphan Black’: Former Adversaries Unite

Helena in Orphan Black, Season 2, Episode 5

[This is a review of Orphan Black season 2, episode 5. There will be SPOILERS.]


Clones and other main characters are reuniting to hunt for answers together, making ‘Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est’ an Orphan Black season 1 reunion of sorts. Despite Helena’s protests and snarls, she makes quite the team with Sarah and Felix. One of the earlier scenes of the trio in Felix’s apartment is one of the strongest comedic sequences of the season because the humor comes out of a completely honest interaction and culminates in a valuable step forward - they’re becoming a family.

And the more Helena is part of that family, the better. She’s the driving force of episode 5. Not only is she the one responsible for pushing the narrative forward, but she’s also pulling more heart and emotion out of Sarah than ever. No one can connect to Helena quite like Sarah and the more Sarah comes to realize that, the more she feels responsible for Helena, much like a big sister.

Clearly, Helena is still volatile, but she can be trusted to always put family first, and that steadfast dedication to Sarah, Kira and now Felix will undoubtedly change their current dynamic and increase their odds of winning this war.

It’s also invigorating to see both Art and Dr. Leekie siding with the clones. Art’s always looked out for Sarah, but never in such a direct manner. Angie’s been out of the picture for two episodes now, but if Art keeps playing nice with the clones, there’s no doubt that Angie will make more moves to get to the bottom of the situation herself and likely put Art’s job in jeopardy in the process.

Leekie is bound to find himself in a similar situation if/when Paul reports back to Rachel. Leekie’s always been all about the science, but now the question is, is Leekie conspiring with Sarah just to save the experiment or has he come to genuinely care for the clones?

His desperation to track down Professor Ethan Duncan would suggest the former, but his reaction to Rachel’s decision to pull the plug on Cosima’s treatment points to the latter.

As for our not-so-friendly neighborhood proclone, she is just bound to crack. Rachel is reeling over Daniel’s death, courting Paul to be both her lover and monitor, and still vying to get her hands on Sarah and Kira. There’s only so much one clone can handle at once – whether she’s been self-aware since childhood or not.

We’re also not entirely clear on what Rachel’s even after. Once she gets Kira, what does she plan to do with her? Sure, Rachel has risen to the top of the Dyad Institute, but not once has she ever expressed much respect for or interest in the science. There’s something she’s not telling us, and it’s something she likely hasn’t told her second father figure either. But now that the hunt for Ethan Duncan/“Swan Man” is on, big reveals could be on the way whether Rachel likes it or not.

By the end of the episode, Sarah, Helena, Felix, Art and Leekie are all converging and possibly preparing to fight for the same side, and with just five episodes left this season, it seems as though more could do the same. Who knows what Mrs. S is really up to, Paul’s loyalty is definitely in question and there’s no doubt that Rachel is still sitting pretty as the show’s big, bad villain.

But there’s something that every single one of them can agree upon – the Prolethians are up to no good. Everyone has individual goals and motivations, but it won’t be good for anyone if Henrik makes Gracie carry that baby. Based on how things are progressing, my money is on Sarah’s cohorts and team Dyad finding just a little bit of common ground to make some moves together and take the Prolethians down.


Orphan Black continues next Saturday with ‘To Hound Nature In Her Wanderings’ @ 9pm on BBC America.

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