Orphan Black: 5 Relationships Fans Were Behind (& 5 They Rejected)

For five seasons, Orphan Black captivated audiences with plot twists, clones popping up everywhere, and most importantly, its lovable characters. No matter what happened with the overall story, fans kept coming back because they loved these characters. Getting to see new interactions and situations for them all was always interesting.

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Because of the way viewers felt about these people, they got invested in their relationships. Sometimes they rooted for these character interactions and at other times, they were completely against the idea. These are 5 relationships that fans loved and 5 they rejected. This could include relationships that are romantic, friendly, or family.

10 Rejected: Felix And Adele

Felix is the most prominent character in the series to not be a LEDA clone. As Sarah's foster brother, he is her closest confidant and he bonds with the rest of the clones like he did with Sarah. During season four, Felix sought out his biological family. It's understandable why he'd do that. The plan introduced his blood sister Adele.

For the most part, Adele isn't a bad character. Fans didn't outright hate her or anything like that. However, this is not a relationship we wanted. As nice as it was for Felix to find a biological family member, he was Sarah's family to us. In the mind of fans, we wanted him to stay close to the clones. Adele threatened to replace Sarah and that was undesirable.

9 Got Behind: Sarah And Cal

Season two introduced us to Cal Morrison. When we first saw him, we were led to believe that he was simply an old flame of Sarah's. She went to his home in need of a safe place to stay and she brought Kira along with her. Sarah and Cal reconnected before she revealed to him that he was Kira's father.

From that point on, Cal was a staple of Sarah's life. He stepped up as a father for Kira and anytime he spent with Sarah was something we enjoyed seeing. Fans rejoiced at the idea of Sarah, Cal, and Kira becoming a full family. However, Cal wasn't in many episodes after the third season, which was disappointing.

8 Rejected: Beth And Art

The relationship between Art and Beth played a major role in the show's early storylines. With Sarah impersonating Beth, she became entangled with Art. He seemed to be going out of his way to try and help her, even taking extreme measures at various points. As the series progressed, we discovered that it had to do with his complicated feelings for his partner.

The idea of Art and Beth being together would be welcome in another life. But in this one, Beth was in a serious relationship with Paul. Even if their time together wasn't ideal, cheating on him is frowned upon. Also, the most intimate moments between Art and Beth came during times of crisis. That doesn't always bode well for a romance.

7 Got Behind: Cosima And Delphine

Fans adore this couple. Cosima Niehaus and Delphine Cormier met during the first season. Viewers were immediately suspicious because this was Orphan Black and nothing was ever as it seemed. To be fair, Delphine did come in with questionable intentions.

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However, she grew to truly care about Cosima. The two spent the rest of the series going through the highs and lows of being in love. As Cosima said, she just wanted to make crazy science with Delphine. The recently released audiobook Orphan Black: The Next Chapter revealed that the two are still together and have been married for several years.

6 Rejected: Rachel And Ferdinand

Most of what Rachel Duncan did throughout Orphan Black was rejected by fans. She was one of the most crucial clones to the series but was often the antagonist. She didn't get her redemption until the final few episodes. During season three, we were introduced to a flame of hers, Ferdinand.

From everything that we get to see between Ferdinand and Rachel (or Sarah impersonating Rachel), it is clear that the relationship isn't healthy. And we're not just saying that because of the BDSM nature of it. This was a case of two broken, unlikable people in an unhealthy relationship.

5 Got Behind: Felix And Sarah

It might be the most important connection in the entire series. As soon as we meet Sarah, the first person she goes to meet is Felix. The two might not share blood but they're tighter than most other siblings on television. In fact, their foster past might be what makes their bond so strong and unbreakable.

Nearly every episode features Sarah and Felix having some kind of interaction. Whenever Sarah needs help, she turns to Felix. When she wants to run away from everything, she always tries to bring Felix and Kira with her. They are incredibly important to each other and fans love them together.

4 Rejected: Sarah And Vic

At the start of the series, Sarah returns from several months away from home. We learn that the reason for her disappearance was a guy named Vic. He shows up and immediately becomes a disturbance. He was a bad influence on Sarah, threatened Felix, sold drugs, and worse.

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The weird thing was that Vic seemed to truly care about Sarah. When he believed she was dead, he mourned her harder than anyone. Each time she rejected him, he seemed genuinely hurt. But he was a bad person who was particularly poisonous. Nobody wanted them to be together.

3 Got Behind: Alison And Donnie

Alison might go down as the most beloved clone of the bunch. At first, we didn't think much about her marriage to Donnie. She suspected him of being her monitor and even somewhat tortured him for information. It eventually came out that Donnie was indeed spying on her but we didn't care. Donnie never meant any harm.

Alison and Donnie became the ideal couple on the show. They committed crimes together, they both grew as stronger people together, and they loved one another the entire way. Every storyline they had was a delight, whether it was hiding a body or bringing Helena into their homes, we loved it. Alison and Donnie are the best.

2 Rejected: Kira And Rachel

Kira has a great relationship with her "aunties." She had an odd, unexplainable connection to them and was often able to tell them apart in ways others couldn't. During season two, Kira was taken by Rachel Duncan. They spent quality time together and Rachel was sweet to her, even if she was vicious with her sisters.

The reason Rachel was so positive towards Kira was due to her desire to be a mother. You got the sense that she wanted Kira to be hers. And while viewers could understand her wanting to be a parent, she went about it terribly. There was no way fans could ever get behind this concept.

1 Got Behind: The Clone Club

In the season two finale, we finally got the moment where the four core clones were together. Sarah, Cosima, Alison, and Helena bonded along with Kira and Felix over music and dancing. It became an iconic scene for Orphan Black and one that signaled the start of something special.

The Clone Club became the name for the group of heroes we were meant to root for. The four main clones, Felix, Kira, Art, Cosima, and Donnie formed an unbreakable bond. Fans loved this group and without them, nothing on the show would get accomplished. As individuals, these are beloved characters and that grows stronger when they're together.

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