Orphan Black: 10 Questions We Hope The New Audiobook Answers

Ever since BBC America's Orphan Black ended its five-season run in August 2017, fans have clamored for more. The show told the story of a street hustler who is pulled into a conspiracy involving a group of her identical clones. It left viewers with more than a handful of unanswered questions. That will change this summer as the series is getting a revival of sorts.

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Serial Box, a service that releases audiobooks in an episodic format similar to television, is debuting Orphan Black: The Next Chapter. It will feature the same characters and pick up eight years after the series finale. As a bonus, Emmy Award-winning lead actress Tatiana Maslany will be the narrator. In preparation, we've picked out a list of questions we badly want to be answered in this series.

10 Is Vic Back In Sarah's Life?

Throughout the first few seasons, Vic (Michael Mando) played a significant part. He was Sarah's abusive, drug dealing ex-boyfriend. When the show begins, she's on the run from him and even goes as far as to fake her own death to escape him. Vic refuses to let Sarah go and once again becomes a colossal thorn her side.

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When we last saw Vic, he was intimidated by Paul (Dylan Bruce) into staying away from Sarah and, by extension, the rest of the Clone Club. Considering who Vic is, one has to assume he'll check back in on Sarah at some point. With Paul no longer around, there's a good chance he inserted himself back into her life, even if it's unwanted. Hopefully, Orphan Black: The Next Chapter sheds some light on Vic's whereabouts.

9 Is Charlotte Living With Art?

Project LEDA is the name of the experiments done to create the clones in the series. It is revealed that there are hundreds of clones that have been created through the program. 400 attempts were made to perpetuate Project LEDA. One of them led to the birth of Charlotte Bowles, the last living clone.

During the final few episodes, Charlotte was staying with Art (Kevin Hanchard), a police officer and Clone Club friend. He was protecting her. We never really find out anything more. The rest of the characters get a legitimate ending, but the status of Charlotte is unclear. Are they still together? As the last clone, her whereabouts are rather important.

8 How Is Helena Handling Motherhood?

When we first meet Helena, she's a murderous clone brainwashed into eliminating her doubles. Over time, she grows into being a beloved member of the Clone Club. Through her relationship with Kira and the protective nature she takes when Alison's children are in danger, we see how much she cares about kids.

In the series finale, Helena gives birth to twin babies. As great as she is with the kids who are already on the show, one has to wonder how motherhood suits her. Helena is a nomad who wandered without much of a stable home for most of her life. Regardless of how being a mom is going for her, we're almost certain to find out more in Orphan Black: The Next Chapter.

7 Is The Existence Of Clones Public?

One of the biggest happenings in the later episodes of the show came when Mrs. S (Maria Doyle Kennedy) exposed Neolution and everything they had done over the years. That means the public should technically be aware of the existence of clones. This was never made clear to viewers.

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Co-creator Graeme Manson was asked about this situation shortly after the finale aired. Manson admitted that the details of Neolution were concealed from the public, as the showrunners wanted to keep the "sestras" a secret among the characters. Though from a reliable source, this news isn't 100% canon and might be completely different in the books.

6 What Is Sarah Doing For A Living?

The question of what Sarah's doing for a living may not seem like an important one at first glance. She's free to go and do whatever she'd like. But it is a curious case. Before she saw Beth commit suicide, Sarah was a thief and scammer who couldn't seem to stay in one place.

That's not the lifestyle that works if you're going to be a settled down mother. We can't imagine that Sarah reverts back to the kind of woman who leaves Kira for a year to go off and do her own thing. It's a simple thing, but we'd all like to know how Sarah handles her new life.

5 Are They Able To Inoculate All Clones?

As extraordinary as the Clone Club members are, they are hampered by a sickness. The respiratory disease claims the lives of several clones and severely threatens Cosima's. In the series finale, Rachel helps to provide the names of the rest of clones out in the world. Cosima and Delphine embark on a mission to cure them all.

It will be interesting to see how this turned out in the eight years since the show ended. Were all the clones found and cured? And if they weren't, what happened to the holdouts? So much of the show centered around this disease, so it's essential to know if they saved everyone.

4 Will Rachel Reconcile With Her Sisters?

In the season one finale, viewers were introduced to Rachel Duncan. She was another clone, but one that seemed to have all the answers the rest of her sisters were looking for. Almost until the very end of the series, Rachel is one of the main villains. But just as things wrap up, Rachel somewhat redeems herself.

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Not only does Rachel help her sisters, but she also provides major help in the attempts to help cure the rest of the clones out there. So one has to wonder if she'll ever be on entirely good terms with Sarah and the rest of the gang. She's done some unforgivable things, but they say time heals all wounds. Maybe we'll find out if that's true in this case.

3 Do Cal And Sarah Get Back Together?

One of the show's earliest mysteries surrounded Kira's father. We finally found out who he was when we were introduced to Cal (Michael Huisman) during the second season. Cal ends up playing a vital role in Kira's life, even taking her to live with him when things got dangerous for Sarah.

Once Sarah is able to take Kira back, we never hear from Cal again. Last we heard he was still living far away from every other key member of the show. We have to assume that he comes back into Kira's life in the eight years between the show and the audiobook. But do he and Sarah rekindle their spark? It sure would be nice to find out that they did.

2 What Happened To Krystal?

Talk about a fan favorite. Krystal Goderitch was one of the last clones to make an appearance on the show, but she quickly vaulted towards the top in terms of popularity. Though she's self-centered and cares more about her looks than any of the actual important stuff going on around her, Krystal is a ton of fun.

Like most of the LEDA clones who weren't part of the core five the show centered around, we don't know what became of Krystal. A short answer given by the showrunners was that she has gone on to become a successful YouTube star. That seems right. We hope the audiobooks confirm this and we want to hear some of that YouTube content.

1 What Is The Deal With Kira?

Do you remember Walt from Lost? That show kept telling us he was special and then never really explained how. That's kind of the case with Sarah's daughter, Kira. She shares an odd connection with every single LEDA clone that doesn't get fleshed out at any point.

The most frustrating part is that season four teased that she was psychic. She had a vision that somewhat comes true. Season five never told us how Kira was special. With her being almost a decade older in the audiobooks, we hope she's a focal point and that we get some answers.

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