The Originals: 10 Inconsistencies Compared To The Vampire Diaries

It's rare to find a television show that is so successful and has so many potential stories to tell or characters to develop that it actually warrants the creation of its own spinoff, but The Vampire Diaries was undoubtedly one of those rarities. The Vampire Diaries introduced the idea of the Original vampires in season two, and by the time The Vampire Diaries had reached its fourth season it seemed like the Original family had outgrown the show.

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And thus the TV show The Originals was born. The Originals focused on Klaus Mikaelson and the rest of his family, as well as some of the supernatural beings in the mystical town of New Orleans. But like most TV shows and their spinoffs, there were portions of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals that just didn't seem to square up with each other. So here are the 10 most obvious inconsistencies between The Vampire Diaries and The Originals.

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10 Klaus' Hybrid Army

So obviously one of Klaus' major storylines in The Vampire Diaries was his quest to break his hybrid curse and create an army of hybrid soldiers, and he had to scour the country to find any werewolves to turn and make his own. Except as soon as the whole squad arrives in New Orleans on The Originals, there is apparently a massive pack of werewolves there just ripe for the picking. It's a little odd that Klaus never heard about these werewolves when he was looking in every corner of the USA to find the few werewolves he managed to catch up with.

9 The Mystery Of Klaus Mikaelson

Another very weird disconnect between the story of The Vampire Diaries and the story of The Originals is who Klaus supposedly was before he arrived in Mystic Falls. When the Mystic Falls gang runs across Rose she describes Klaus as a total mystery, he's the scariest Original vampire of them all but he's also practically a ghost, no one can find him and hardly anyone has ever seen him or knows who he is. However, when Klaus apparently built New Orleans he was like the king of the city. He didn't go out of his way to hide, and every supernatural being in a hundred mile radius knew who he was.

8 How Do Werewolves Turn Again?

So as we said before, it's pretty strange that Klaus was hunting down every werewolf he could find but never heard a peep about a whole werewolf kingdom that was set up in New Orleans. However there is another big question mark when it comes to the werewolf faction on The Originals, and that is how exactly these werewolves are all turned.

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Not only are there dozens of werewolves in New Orleans, there are a lot of really young werewolves there too. So all of these people willingly committed murder just so they could turn as soon as they possibly could, I guess?

7 The Power Of Magic

This particular inconsistency is something that has been canonically inconsistent in both The Vampire Diaries and The Originals as individual shows, but it's also inconsistent between the two shows. It's fair to assume that in the world of witches, there will be some who are naturally more powerful than others, or some who are more skilled than others. But the price of magic seems to wildly vary at different times. On TVD it seems like the really big magical moves require some kind of ritual sacrifice, which at least makes some sense because trading life for life seems to make a lot of sense. But on The Originals it seems like you can get a lot more magic for a lot less.

6 Original Family History

Although the Original family was only on a few seasons of The Vampire Diaries, they really became the focal point of those seasons, so the show went pretty far in-depth into what happened with the Original family, how their relationships and stories developed, and how they basically went from an ordinary family and became the Original vampires.

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But when The Originals began it seemed like half of the story that was already established was being retconned completely. Some of it can be excused by the Original parents intentionally misleading their children, but there are some retcons that just do not make any sense.

5 The Doppelgangers

Throughout the course of The Vampire Diaries, the mythology behind the doppelgangers developed and evolved a lot. But the connection between the doppelgangers and the Originals was clear. Not only did both Klaus and Elijah have a romantic interest in Tatia, but it was supposedly the sacrifice of Tatia that transformed the Mikaelsons from humans into vampires. And that story made sense on a lot of levels. However, The Originals decided to change that. In The Originals' version of that history, Tatia wasn't killed in the sacrifice, she was accidentally killed by Elijah after he became a vampire, which is something that apparently not only Elijah forgot, but everyone in the family forgot somehow.

4 Vampire Babies?

Now this seems like the most plainly obvious inconsistency between The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, because it's literally the entire focal point of The Originals as a series even though it doesn't really make very much sense. Klaus becoming a dad is the whole point of The Originals, but there was never a really reasonable explanation offered for why Klaus could suddenly have children.

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Perhaps the theory behind it was supposed to be because his werewolf side had been unleashed, but the dude is still dead. He's been dead for a thousand years, so his sudden one-off fertility is definitely bewildering.

3 Two Separate Afterlifes?

davina claire the originals

So the Other Side that is focused on mostly in The Vampire Diaries is a dimension that was created by the most powerful witch who ever lived in order to keep the soul of every dead supernatural being trapped in her web forever. But the ancestral witches of New Orleans apparently have their own kind of Other Side that traps the witches of the city there and keeps their power available to the living witches who need it. But how exactly does that work? Are these two separate dimensions, or are the New Orleans witches just creating some loophole in the larger Other Side?

2 Hayley The Heroine

Hayley's desperation to find a "real" family has been the driving force behind her character since her introduction to The Vampire Diaries. And when she discovers that she's the long lost queen of New Orleans werewolves, she tries to be a very benevolent and caring leader in general. However, she arranged to have all of Klaus' hybrids massacred just for the chance at some information about her parents (who she knew was already dead), and it's never even mentioned on The Originals. And in an especially strange turn of events, even Tyler doesn't mention it when he's face to face with Hayley again, even though her maneuver also directly led to Klaus killing his mother.

1 Klaus' Personality Transplant

It's hard to say what exactly the idea was behind Klaus' transformation in The Originals. Maybe he was supposed to become a pseudo-hero because he was now the lead of the show, or maybe it was supposed to be fatherhood that suddenly made him want to be better, but either way he kind of became a completely different character overnight. That's not to say that redemption isn't possible for everyone, but come on, it's really not possible for everyone. Klaus had his moments of softness on TVD, but his change from The Vampire Diaries to The Originals was incredibly abrupt and never really explained.

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