Original Animated Teen Titans Returning For Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen Titans

The first animated incarnation of Teen Titans will return for a crossover with Teen Titans Go!This was hinted at during the post-credits scene of Teen Titans Go! to the Movies, with all five original members appearing and Robin stating, “We think we’ve found a way back.” Although this initially led to speculation that the beloved cartoon would get another season, it would seem that the team will be facing off against the newer versions of themselves.

Teen Titans ran for five seasons on Cartoon Network from 2003-2006. It was loosely based on the comic run by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez, which redefined the team in the 1980s. The animated series has been missed, but hopes of a sixth season were crushed once Teen Titans Go! began airing in 2013. Aside from centering on the titular team, the new animated series shared little in common with the show that spawned it. While the next iteration was undeniably successful, it failed to convince most fans of the original that it was worth their time. Aside from that, the Teen Titans were recently granted their first live-action adaptation with Titans, which has also chosen to forge its own path, bearing no resemblance to the earlier series.

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A teaser that was supposedly from the upcoming DVD release of Teen Titans Go! to the Movies recently found its way onto the internet, hinting that the two teams would meet. io9 confirmed with Warner Bros. that this trailer is indeed real and the company also revealed that Teen Titans Go! Vs. Teen Titans will arrive sometime in 2019. However, whether the confrontation will take place in an episode or a movie remains unclear.

The initial idea that Teen Titans could be granted another season made perfect sense, considering the recent launch of DC’s new steaming service, DC Universe. Already boasting an extensive back catalog of TV and movies, the service has also has an impressive slate of original content to be released exclusively. The first of these shows to air is Titans, which hit DC Universe earlier this month. Doom Patrol is set to spin out of that, and there is a Harley Quinn animated series and a live-action Swamp Thing show in the works as well. The service will also be reviving Young Justice for a much anticipated third outing.

Although Teen Titans Go! has a loyal fan base and Titans is still developing one of its own, Teen Titans remains the definitive version of the team for many. Their second animated incarnation was far lighter fare, focusing less on continuity and character development than its predecessor. Titans certainly embraces the darker aspects of the story, but the way that the writers have done so has alienated some fans. With only two episodes thus far, only time will prove whether or not this amounts to an engaging way of telling the team’s story. Teen Titans walked the line between heart and humor, with complex storylines and characters that were given real depth. The series established itself early on as a cartoon that could be enjoyed by viewers of any age. Little is known about what form the return of the original animated Teen Titans will take, but whatever it may be, most fans will be tuning in.

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