SR Geek Picks: Original 'Return of the Jedi' Teaser Trailer, Breaking Bad + Simpsons & More


Aziz Ansari: BURIED ALIVE - "Marriage is an Insane Proposal"

Marriage is an insane proposal. Watch an exclusive clip from Aziz Ansari's newest standup special Buried Alive, coming exclusively to Netflix on November 1.


Spider On Hand Prank


Ex-Men: Gambit

Gambit gets fired in this new Ex-Men sketch from The Pete Holmes Show. Premieres on October 28th after Conan, weeknights at midnight/11 central.


The Deep by PES


Nick Offerman's Great Moments in Moustache History

Nick Offerman is back for Movember 2013 and reminds us all of the importance of the moustache.


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Chris Rock's Saw Film Moves Up to May 2020 Release Date

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