Original Movie Alert: Sean Bean Battles 'Black Death'

With all of the remakes, reboots and absurd movie ideas spewing forth from Hollywood lately, it's nice to see there are still some people having original thoughts. Here's an idea for a story coming out of the UK and Germany: a mystery/thriller about the plague during medieval times. From Egoli Tossell Film comes the movie Black Death and it stars none other Sean "Boromir" Bean.

Black Death is set during medieval England at a time when the black plague was ravishing everyone. Ulric (Sean Bean) heads up a group of knights and journeys into the marshes lead by a young monk, Osmund, to discover why one village doesn't seem to be affected by the wretched disease. What they find is a beautiful necromancer (one who brings back the dead) called Langvia; but when she reveals her true nature and offers Osmund his heart's desire, he must choose between the love of his God and the woman he loves.

Not a bad story, right? There are not a lot of powerhouse names attached to this project but that doesn't mean the project is lacking in the talent department. Some may recognize the names of director Christopher Smith from his work on horror/comedy Severance (a movie I would highly recommend), and writer Dario Poloni who wrote the original screenplay. Poloni also wrote the action/horror film Wilderness (yet another movie I would highly recommend).

Sean Bean is joined Eddie Remayne (Osmund), Carice van Houten (Langvia), and Kimberley Nixon (Averill). Bean is probably best known worldwide for his performance as Boromir in Lord of the Ring: Fellowship of the Ring, while Redmayne's latest role was playing the boyfriend of Jessica "Show My Breasts to Further My Career" Biel's stripper in the straight-to-DVD movie Powder Blue. Carice van Houten is a fine actress as well, most notably in Bryan Singer's Valkryie and Paul Verhoeven's Black Book.

Filming for Black Death began late 2008 on location at Ukranenland in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany with principle photography to conclude in June 2009. So far, Egoli Tossell Film has managed to get Black Death picked up by twelve distributors overseas but it has yet to be picked up in the U.S. so there's a possibility that North Americans will only see it on the rental shelf.

There has been no trailer released for Black Death but when there is, we will be sure to post it. In the mean time enjoy these pictures from the movie.

Sean Bean and friends

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