Original Green Ranger's Advice to Movie Reboot's Tommy

Jason David Frank, the original Green Ranger, offers advice to whoever takes on the role in a possible sequel to the Power Rangers movie reboot. Frank seems to have gotten more press out of the big screen reimagining than any of the stars of the big screen Power Rangers reboot. Whether he’s been appearing in unused cameos, getting kicked out of theaters, or expressing opinions on a potential sequel, the man with three first names has never been far from the headlines over the last year and a bit.

And, as you might have guessed, he’s back in them today. Once again, he’s talking about the prospect of his role – Tommy Oliver, aka The Green Ranger – being recast in the much-talked-about sequel to last year’s reboot. (That’s, of course, if the sequel ever does go ahead.)

Frank has already spoken about the prospect of his replacement in the role being a female. This time around, regardless of gender, he’s opted to offer some advice for whoever ends up fulfilling that post-credits tease, joining the other teens with attitude in detention, and donning the iconic green suit. Via That Hashtag Show, here’s what he had to say:

"No matter who plays the character, I would give one piece of advice. Be yourself. Don't try to duplicate something else. That's the reason why I like doing Emissary in Transformers. I like doing Bloodshot for the Valiant universe because they're characters that haven't been played before."

The cast of The Power Rangers Movie

Some pretty simple advice there, then. “Be yourself” is totally a cliché. But, to be fair, in cases where an actor has to step into a role with a lot of baggage, it really can work wonders to ignore all of the previous interpretations and put your own spin on the character. Just look at Chris Pine, who stepped into the sizable shoes of William Shatner to play Captain Kirk in the rebooted Star Trek franchise. He chose not to imitate Shatner’s unforgettable vocal cadences, and instead brought his own brand of cocksure energy to the role. “Be yourself” was his approach, and it worked.

Perhaps there are fans out there would rather see someone that looks uncannily similar to a young Jason David Frank – complete with questionable ponytail – stepping into the part and doing their best impression of him. But, arguably, the prospect of a fresh take with its own unique touches is a lot more exciting.

As things stand right now, Power Rangers 2 hasn’t been confirmed and no release date has been set. The director has ideas, a popular writer has expressed an interest, and the cast seems keen to come back - but Saban is yet to officially order the film.

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Source: That Hashtag Show

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