Origin Full Trailer: Tom Felton Heads To Space In YouTube’s Sci-Fi Original Series

Tom Felton Origin YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium is making a big push into the realm of sci-fi with the full trailer for its new original series Origin. The 10-part series looks as though it takes its cues from a number of influences — Blade Runner, Event Horizon, Alien: Covenant, and even Lost to offer a potentially taut thriller about a group of outcasts abandoned on a massive space ship intended to be part of a human colonization effort on another planet. The series boasts an impressive cast, with two Harry Potter alums, Tom Felton and Natalie Tena, and it will be helmed by Resident Evil director Paul W.S. Anderson. 

Anderson’s involvement may be in part why the series feels slightly reminiscent of Event Horizon. The director’s 1997 sci-fi/horror mashup that starred Sam Neill, Laurence Fishburne, and Kathleen Quinlan pitted a crew of astronauts against not only the unforgiving void of space, but also some unexpected and decidedly evil elements as well. Though he’s returning to a subgenre he’s well versed in, it looks as though Anderson will do so while taking advantage of some advanced special effects and what, weirdly enough, looks to be a more substantial budget than he had in 1997. 

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YouTube released a teaser trailer a few months ago, but this full trailer gives not only a better look at the impressive world the series is building (and promptly abandoning), but it also gives a better idea of what sort of story Origin is hoping to tell. Take a look at the trailer and read a short synopsis below:

“The 10-episode series, from director Paul W.S. Anderson and the producers of The Crown and Lost, follows a group of outsiders who find themselves abandoned on a ship bound for a distant land. Now they must work together for survival, but quickly realize that one of them is far from who they claim to be.”

Though involving producers from The Crown gives the new series a certain pedigree that might help garner interest among non-genre fans, the inclusion of producers from Lost seems notable for different reasons. From the information gleaned in the trailer, Origin seems to have a  structure not unlike Lost, wherein the characters all have significant backstories to be explored. Backstories that will likely inform on the decisions they make — good and bad — when things begin to go wrong on the ship. Whether that proves to be true or not remains to be seen, but eager viewers will have to wait just a little while longer to find out. 

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Origin will stream on Wednesday, November 14 on YouTube Premium.

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