Orange Is The New Black Season 7 Release Date Set For July

Netflix just released a new teaser and announced that Orange Is the New Black will come to a close with its seventh and final season in July.  The bingeable dramedy created by Jenji Kohan has won both critical and public acclaim, and has been one of Netflix's most-watched original series since it premiered in the summer of 2013.  In fact, it garnered twelve Emmy nominations for its first season (winning three), and is the first series to receive both drama and comedy Emmy recognition.

Orange Is the New Black, based on Piper Kerman's memoir Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women's Prison, became an instant sensation on Netflix. The story begins following Piper (Taylor Schilling), an upper middle-class, thirtysomething white woman imprisoned at minimum security Litchfield Penitentiary in upstate New York because she transported drug money ten years earlier. Immediately upon entering the facility, she starts meeting new people from every walk of life.  Piper quickly learns that the rules are different inside, and she'll have to toughen up if she wants to survive. After six seasons, fans want to know how things will conclude, and judging from prior seasons, not everyone will have a happy ending.

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Netflix's new teaser for Orange Is the New Black season 7, in addition to confirming a premiere date of Friday, July 26, showcases many of the cast members and crew, including a few fan favorites whom we haven't seen or heard about in awhile, singing the Regina Spektor  “You’ve Got Time” theme song while walking through the sets.  It starts with Emmy Winner Uzo Aduba, who plays Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren, getting her signature bantu knots done in the makeup chair, and then we follow other castmembers in both prison uniforms and posh streetwear alluding to what may happen with them this season. Even showrunner Kohan makes an appearance, complete with her bright blue hair.

Orange Is the New Black fans will recall that season 6 ended with the fates of many prisoners left up in the air. In fact, viewers are heading into season 7 with way more questions than answers. Piper was released from prison without being able to say goodbye to her girlfriend Alex Vause ( Laura Prepon). How will life be for her on the outside? Will she reunite with her former fiance Larry Bloom (Jason Biggs), or will she stay true to Alex? Sophia (Laverne Cox) was released from prison too. What's next for her?

Additionally, what will happen to the people still inside? What's next for Taystee (Danielle Brooks)? Will Black Cindy (Adrienne C. Moore) and Marisol "Flaca" Gonzales continue their popular radio show, or will Flaca be reunited with her best friend Maritza Ramos (Diane Guerrero)? The trailer shows those two together again, so perhaps that one is going to happen. Who will keep dominance over the kitchen Red (Kate Mulgrew) or Gloria Mendoza (Selenis Leyva)? Will the prison remain as corrupt as ever with hapless Joe Caputo (Nick Sandow) still trying to make the best out of a bad situation? No one knows for sure yet, but seeing the names of some people we haven't seen in a while in the trailer, including Big Boo (Lea DeLaria ), Yoga Jones (Constance Shulman), and Aleida Diaz (Elizabeth Rodriguez), indicates we may see some old favorites at least once more before the show wraps up.

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Orange is the New Black returns to Netflix for Season 7 on July 26.

Source: Netflix

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