'Orange is the New Black' Renewed For Season 4; New Season 3 Clip Unveiled

Netflix has already renewed 'Orange is the New Black' for another season, while a new season 3 sneak peek clip has dropped online.

Netflix's smash hit original series Orange is the New Black (from Weeds creator Jenji Kohan) has been an absolute titan in original programming for the past few years. The series has been a juggernaut in awards shows every year, occasionally even grabbing nominations and wins from heavy-hitters like Game of Thrones or its Netflix companion, House of Cards. Considering audiences' anticipation going into this summer's third season too - it doesn't look like Orange is the New Black will be slowing down any time soon.

The first trailer for season three was revealed just a few days ago to positive reactions from fans - and this season looks like it could be changing things up a little bit from the tone it established in the first two seasons. Besides the exclusion of Jason Biggs this season and addition of Ruby Rose as Stella, the first trailer promises even more craziness and drama this season as well as a change in direction for some of the series' key storylines. Not to mention some more dry wisdom from Red, which is something fans can never get enough of.

Well, Netflix has announced today that they will already be renewing the series for a fourth season - months ahead of its season three debut. In addition to the announcement, Netflix has also debuted a new clip from the third season. The clip gives a small tease into the darkness and tension that will likely play a large role in the interactions between some of the characters - something the original trailer didn't go too far into. One thing's for sure, Litchfield definitely isn't going to be as shiny and clean as its walls this season.

Netflix Orange is the New Black Season 3 Premiere Date & More

Following the chaos that ended the second season, Orange is the New Black will certainly have a lot of expectations to live up to right off the bat this time around. Considering how creatively Jenji Kohan was able to bridge the gap between seasons one and two though - audiences can take comfort in the likelihood that their expectations are not misplaced.

Despite Taylor Schilling's Piper being the main focus of the series - and the relationship between her and Alex (Laura Prepon) likely being one of the larger storylines of the season - the season three clip released once again showcases one of OINTB's largest strengths - its supporting cast. The series has solidified itself with one of the most developed and unique set of characters on TV right now, and this season doesn't look to be changing anything on that front.

Orange is the New Black season three will be available on Netflix starting June 12th, 2015.

Source: Netflix

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