Orange is the New Black Season 4 Casting; Caitlyn Jenner Rumor Denied

Orange is the New Black season 4 casting

Orange is the New Black is one of Netflix’s most watched show. Though the streaming service does not release viewing figures, it’s safe to say from social media alone that it is extremely popular, with people rushing to binge watch each season as it’s released. OITNB has also received great critical acclaim too, winning a slew of nominations and awards including three 2015 Emmy nominations.

The show delivers great comedy and compelling storylines, making each season more watchable than the last. It has also made a great name for itself for bringing LGBTQ issues and rights to the fore. As well as featuring several lesbian and bisexual characters, the show has made a huge star of Laverne Cox, a transgender actress, by casting her in the role of transgender inmate Sophia. While Cox has been praised for her acting abilities, OITNB has been praised for actually casting a transgender actress rather than approaching a cis female to play the part.

Filming for Orange is the New Black season four is already underway, and attention is turning to rumors surrounding possible cameo appearances. One such bit of speculation has pegged one of the most talked about stars in the media - namely Caitlyn Jenner - as having lined herself up for a role. This rumors comes from the Christian Post, which reported that Jenner will play a love interest for Sophia. However, we've reached out to Netflix and the organization categorically denied the claim, stating simply "It isn't true."

However, there is some new casting that we can be sure of. Netflix has announced the casting of three new male characters; Brad William Henke (Pacific Rim), and Mike Houston (The Drop) will be playing new prison guards, while Kelly Karbacz (Get Smart) will take on the role of an admin officer at Litchfield. Another rumor floating around is that OITNB season 4 will finally see Crazy Eyes/Suzanne (Uzo Aduba) entering into a relationship.

Orange is the New Black season 4 casting

It's easy to see where the Jenner rumor for Orange is the New Black season four came from. As mentioned, the show has long been lauded for its handling of LGBTQ issues and with Jenner currently serving as a public face for transgender issues specifically, what better time to bring her onboard for the show? Season three of OITNB also featured model and actress Ruby Rose (who identifies as gender fluid), so celebrity appearance wouldn't be something out of the ordinary for the series.

Though the Jenner rumor should be considered untrue (until further notice), adding another transgender actress as a love interest for Sophia would have made sense. She has often felt lonely at Litchfield and after her spat with fellow inmate Gloria was witnessed by other inmates in OITNB season three, she became the victim of a large amount of abuse due to her being transgender. Fingers crossed, Sophia will find a new friend on the show's fourth season.

Orange is the New Black season four is expected to debut on Netflix in June 2016. Seasons 1-3 are now available for viewing.

Source: Christian Post

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