'Orange is the New Black': The 10 Worst Moments From Season 3

Orange is the New Black - 10 Worst Moments


Orange is the New Black season 3 kicks off a new direction for the series. Now, it's not so much the seasonal stories which matter; it'll be the overall journey, when the show finally comes to an end, where you'll find the most enjoy experience. However, even the best show has some weaker moments - especially this season.

From Bennett's "early departure" to Norma's rise to Grace, there are more than enough moments which will make your wait until next season all that more painful. After all, if they had time for these storylines, they could have at least strung together a few which actually paid off. Cliffhangers are fun and all, but so feeling the relief of watching a well-crafted story-arc come to end.


10) “Praise Norma”

Orange is the New Black - Norma

“Tounge-tied” Norma may have a terrific backstory (with a shocking twist), but when it comes to creating religious figures inside Litchfield, it’s best to keep it quick and simple. Instead, we’re treated to an extremely long story-arc that ultimately goes nowhere – so much so that even Red is confused about what’s going on. And then there’s the toast. And then the "Freedom Lake".

9) “Bennett & Baby”

So "that" happened - whatever it is you want to call it. Everyone's favorite budding couple at Litchfield was just put on hold, for some reason. In the first two episodes, Bennett and Diaz appear to be the focus for the majority of the time, with one of the more direct storylines of the bunch. Then, for some reason, Bennett goes "Holla Back Girl" - which itself wasn't bad - and then decides to visit "the family". As much as anyone wants to use Bennett's Army flashback as foreshadowing for "this situation", it's difficult to deny the fact that this story, baby and all, falls flat.

8) “Lorna’s Day”

The first “shocking” story of the series came when it was revealed Lorna’s relationship with Christopher was actually a stalker’s tale, and since then she’s largely remained in the background. Unfortunately, she largely remains in the background this season – though she finally does find love – except it’s through a series of scenes where she’s sitting at a table, acting like a stalker. That’s it, sadly.

7) “SHUfly Nicky”

Orange is the New Black - Nicky

Actress Natasha Leone is terrific in everything that she’s in – which was Orange is the New Black before her character was put "on hold" for most of the season. Even the fellow inmates mourned her loss for more episodes than Natasha Leone was in! What’s worse: we return to Nicky’s “new home” later on in the season, except we don’t even get a peek at our favorite manipulator. Maybe Nicky will return; maybe not – the problem: viewers don’t know.

6) “E.L. Crazy-Eyes, Auteur”

Crazy Eyes finally finds a way to focus her explicit imagination in way not too dissimilar to E.L. James and 50 Shades of Grey. Even though some hilarious moments come from her erotic time-traveling adventures making its way around Litchfield, the reference is a bit too “on the nose” to fit within a show that’s so original. Still, the Admiral makes up for it.

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