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Orange is the New Black Season 3 Netflix Guide


Season 3 Review Summary

"The key ingredient that’s really missing from this premiere is conflict. Litchfield might be a nice place as far as prisons go, but everyone getting along so well makes the narrative feel slightly loose and bland. A little vacation time is nice, but if this season wants to top the previous two then the ladies need to get back to work."

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Meet The New Cast

The stories at Litchfield are expanding, and in season 3 we find a few new characters joining in on the fun. However, with so many characters roaming the halls, don’t focus too much on what the newcomers will bring to the table; it’ll be your old favorites (some you become more familiar with) that carry the most enjoyable stories this time around.

That said, he’s a quick look at who you’ll be seeing pop up:

NewcomersStella Carlin (Ruby Rose) – An Australia inmate transferDanny Pearson (Mike Birbiglia) – A new corporate “Yes Man”Delia Powell (Mary Steenburgen) – Mother of “Pornstache”Blair Brown (Judy King) – A Martha Stewart-esque business woman-Returning FavoritesLolly (Lori Petty) – A new transfer we last saw in the season 2 premiereGeorge “Pornstache” Mendez (Pablo Schreiber) – The man, the myth, the stache


Episode Guide & Memorable Moments

Orange is the New Black - Episode Guide & Memorable Moments

Orange season 3 transforms the series into a story about the women of Litchfield Penitentiary more than ever before – much more than Piper, ostensibly - so you’ll definitely want to watch each episode. The stories may not always directly connect – or even cross over much with the episodes that come before or after it – but this is a show where each episode adds a piece to the overall journey, from the beginning of the series to the end. Even so, there are individual stories which stand out more than the others, and you should take the time to enjoy them.

Last year, season 2’s top stories went to Lorna (“A Whole Other Hole”, written by Sian Heder); Poussey (“You Also Have a Pizza”, written by Stephen Falk); and Rosa (“Appropriately Sized Pots”, written by Daisy von Scherler Mayer).

This year Doggett takes tops honors with a tearful look back at her life in episode 10 (“A Tittin’ and a Hairin’”). Black and her familial experience in episode 4 (“Finger in the Dyke”) comes in at a close second. Finally, Chang with her first flashback in episode 6 (“Ching Chong Chang”, written by Sara Hess) reveals the largely silent characters’ vengeful backstory. Norma also has her day (then season) in episode 7 (“Tongue-Tied”, written by Sian Heder), while Bennett reveals he's no "Hollaback Girl" in episode 2 (“Bed Bugs and Beyond”). Overall, expect the best stories come from the inmates we, as viewers, have yet to become familiar with.

1. “Mother’s Day” (written by Jenji Kohan) – FLASHBACK: Doggett, Burset, Nicky, Poussey, Healy2. [MEMORABLE] “Bed Bugs and Beyond” (written by Jim Danger Gray) – FLASHBACK: Bennett3. “Empathy Is a Boner Killer” (written by Nick Jones) – FLASHBACK: Nicky4. [MEMORABLE] “Finger in the Dyke” (written by Lauren Morelli) – FLASHBACK: “Big Boo” Black5. “Fake It Till You Fake It Some More” (written Tara Herrmann) – FLASHBACK: Flaca6. [MEMORABLE] “Ching Chong Chang” (written by Sara Hess) – FLASHBACK: Chang7. [MEMORABLE] “Tongue-Tied” (written by Sian Heder) - FLASHBACK: Norma8. “Fear, and Other Smells” (written by Nick Jones) - FLASHBACK: - Alex9. “Where My Dreidel At” (written by Jordan Harrison) – FLASHBACK: Leanne10. [MEMORABLE] “A Titten’ and a Hairin” (written by Lauren Morelli) - FLASHBACK: Doggett11. “We Can Be Heroes” (written by Sian Heder) - FLASHBACK: Caputo12. “Don’t Make Me Come Back There” (written by Sara Hess) – FLASHBACK: Aleida & Daya13. [MEMORABLE] “Trust No Bitch” (written by Jim Danger Gray and Jenji Kohan) – FLASHBACK: Soso, Lorna, Watson, Aleida, Hayes, Healy

Turning Point, Burnout Potential & Final Verdict

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