'Orange is the New Black': The 10 Best Moments From Season 3


6) “Piper and Her Panty Brigade”

Orange is the New Black - Panties

Everyone has an angle in prison, and Piper is (now) no different. With her money running out, Piper makes use of some of Litchfield’s “industrial waste” and turns it into a dirty, dirty business for herself as well as her fellow inmates. The only thing better than a pocket full of Ramen noodles - which everyone now has - is when “the Godfather” in Ms. Chapman comes out, for better and worst. Above all else: don't mess with the union.


7) “Can I Be a Jew?”

Cindy is largely an unlikeable character throughout season 3, often starting fights with the other inmates for no reason except "slavery" and "reparations" – but then: someone tries to take her Kosher meals away. After studying for her conversion to Judaism, Cindy sits down with a Rabbi and asks him an important question. When things don’t go her way, she asks again. And again. Finally, Cindy gives an explanation which will leave everyone watching speechless – so much so that when it comes time for the Rabbi to respond, you already know what the answer is going to be.


8) “Benny-dryl”

Soso doesn’t receive her moment in the spotlight until late-on in the series, but that's alright: When it final does come, it’s one of the best of the season. From telling Healy that he’s bad at his job, with a weight no has before, to ruining movie night with her trip to the library, the character of Soso is able to finally shine and, more importantly, be herself. After all, like Crazy-Eyes says: “It doesn’t matter if your skin is black, as long as your heart is.”


9) “Doggett’s Tear”

Orange is the New Black - Doggett's Tear

This is easily the most emotional moment of the entire season, plain and simple. Everyone’s favorite meth head-turned-evangelical had a bit of her past revealed towards the end of season one. This time, however, a new glimpse at her life before Litchfield reveals something much more painful, that she seemingly can’t escape from. One tear is all it takes. One tear is all that's needed. Just don't expect the rest of this story to pay off.


10) “Chicken: The Urban Legend”

The mythical animal makes its return it Litchfield, and this time it’s not the prisoners who see it. In fact, not only does this poultry urban legend become a reality, completely, but it leads to one of the biggest reveals of the season. Freedom Lake be damned; this is a Tangerine town all the way. Just one question: Why hasn't no one noticed it before?


What is your favorite moment from season 3?

Orange is the New Black season 4 premieres in 2016 on Netflix

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